Vega food at Safe Farm Cafe
Vegan Hummus Pizza and Chana Chaat at Sage Farm Cafe

Going Vegan At Sage Farm Cafe

My first tryst with Vegan food in Hyderabad was at Terrasen Cafe in Banjara Hills. It surely was one of the few vegan places in the city back then. However, there are a lot of vegan places in the city, some of them serving only vegan food. One such cafe that as happened to visit last weekend was Sage Farm Cafe.

It had been on my list for a very long time as a lot of people had suggested I try it. Blame it on the time and distance for me, it never happened. Thanks to my friend for dragging me out of my room and making me drive to be there with her to relish some Vegan food at Sage Farm Cafe.

Note: Before you jump to conclusions, I’m a vegetarian and not a vegan, the title of the post is just because I wanted it to.

Newly done Sage Farm Cafe

I was here with a friend of mine who’s a vegan and she frequents this place a lot. Apparently, this was the new extended setup compared to the previous one. This is located in the lane right parallel to Jubilee Hills check post and is the last property in its lane making it a relatively quiet place.

The newly done Sage Farm Cafe has an extended outdoor seating area with a transparent roof for you to enjoy gazing at the skies. Seems like this is becoming a trend now – PS Cheese, Last House – all of them have a section with a transparent roof. Their outdoor seating is comfortable. On the inside, they have a rather comfy setup with sofas and cozy corners. Makes it a perfect place to sit and work.

Ambience at newly done Sage Farm Cafe
Ambience at newly done Sage Farm Cafe

They also have their store inside with shelves full of organic and vegan products on sale. A good place to visit if you’re a vegan and explore their collection. Compared to the outdoor seating, the indoor one may seem a little closed, hence I’d prefer seating outside any day.

Trying Vegan Food

The last time I had something vegan was long back and it was loathed with cashew cheese. Not something that I liked, and also kombucha. So I was clear about the things that I’ll not order. The menu is quite good when it comes to the variety. Pizzas, pasta, Small plates, desserts, and whatnot, all of it Vegan.

My friend being the pro decided to take matters in her hand and place the order. We ordered the Hummus Pizza with sunflower seeds and veggies, a chana chat, and a couple of juices.

The juices were freshly made and not canned. The watermelon mint drink was refreshing and so was the lemon mint. They don’t have much choice in the drinks section if you’re not into Kombucha/Smoothies.

Vega food at Safe Farm Cafe
Vegan Hummus Pizza and Chana Chaat at Sage Farm Cafe

The small plate, chana chat that we ordered were pretty good. Not even for a bite I felt that it wasn’t the regular chat that I usually have. Quite nice and flavourful. The pizza was surprisingly very good. Me not being a fan of seeds, for once liked the sunflower seeds on the pizza. The hummus was subtle but added the much-needed texture to the pizza. The base too was nicely done, overall had a good time eating this.

They also have ridge gourd pizza that another friend of mine had suggested so that will be something that I’ll try on my next visit. Plus I quite liked the setup, another place that is perfect for working.

Must Visit If You’re a Vegan

I was fortunate to have met Kavita who is the owner of Sage Farm Cafe and learn more about the place. They’ve recently opened another Italian cafe called Ciao right in the same setup. This isn’t a vegan place but one can order things if they want to.

We spent a few hours there and had a good time. The ambiance was good, credit to the awesome weather. The food was good too. Being someone who isn’t vegan, I liked the change. Surely can try eating vegan food once in a while, if it’s here. But if you’re a vegan, I’m assuming you’ve already been here, if not, why?

It was a long pending visit that eventually materialized on friendship day last week. Glad it happened, not only I got to try new food, but also had something for the blog too. IYKYK 😉

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