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7 Cafes To Work From In Hyderabad 

Back in the day when I was in school, one of the guys from our building was working but never went to an office. I always heard people saying that he works in the night for a US company. A few decades ago, working from home was unheard of. Thanks to COVID-19, the world suddenly realised the value of remote work. My current job as a developer advocate is completely remote too. 

Because I work from home every day, I’m always on the lookout for some change in setup. I hunt for cafes to work from and whenever I get a chance, I try to spend time at these places. In this blog post, I’m going to share a list of cafes to work from in Hyderabad. Unlike, other lists that you would have come across, I’ve been to all these places and spent almost a day working, so you will not get anything more authentic than this.

Further, I’ll try to keep this list of working cafes updated and build it over time. Also, most of these cafes have WiFi available, however, I prefer to use my hotspot most of the time. So I might not have used the cafe WiFi at all the places. 

Cafes To Work From Hyderabad 

Roast 24 x 7

Roast 24 Seven in Hyderabad has a nice vibe, good for work, and offers a variety of tasty food. You can choose between indoor and outdoor seating, and there’s even a spot for smokers. The coffee area is cool, with lots of desserts to check out.

Work from Cafe at Roast 24 Seven - Cafes to work from in Hyderabad
Lively ambience at Roast 24 Seven

They have plenty of seating, power plugs, and a menu that covers Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese, and Italian dishes. Just a heads up, the WiFi is decent for work, but the mobile network might not be great. Despite that, Roast 24 Seven still makes for a pretty good place overall.

Read more about Roast 24 Seven Cafe and why I feel it’s a good place to work in Hyderabad.

Last House Cafe

Last House Cafe, situated as the last house before Durgam Cheruvu, stands out for its tranquil residential location. The inside is charming and equipped with multiple charging sockets, making it a haven for work or relaxation. With reliable WiFi and a strong mobile network, it’s a tech-friendly spot. The menu, though not extensive, now includes both coffee and food.

Ambience at the Last House Cafe
Ambience at the Last House Cafe

I recommend trying the unique Caramel Popcorn Coffee. Whether you’re settling in with a book, or laptop, or just soaking in the ambience, Last House Cafe offers a conducive environment for work and enjoyment. It’s a gem for those who appreciate the blend of productivity and leisure in a cafe setting.

Read my experience of working at Last House Cafe.

Brews & Blends

Brews and Blends beckons with its array of inviting spaces – cosy corners, coffee table setups, high chairs, and plush sofas, making it an ideal spot for extended work or leisurely coffee sessions. The comfortable seating allows you to settle in for hours, perfect for focusing on your work or taking those important calls. 

Sunrise and Twilight Cold Brews and Brews and Blends
Must try Cold Brew offerings – Sunrise and Twilight.

Don’t miss their unique cold brew selections like Sunrise, Matinee, Sunset, and Twilight, featuring tantalizing flavours. While the WiFi ensures a reliable work environment, be cautious of the mobile network. Offering reasonable prices, Brews & Blends is a perfect escape for those seeking a conducive space for work.

Read my experience of working at Brews and Blends cafe in Kondapur.

Naomi Pattiserie

Nestled in the serene Jubilee Hills, Naomi Patisserie and Bakehouse, welcoming guests since December 2022, has quickly become a talk-of-the-town spot for those seeking a productive work environment. The bungalow-turned-cafe emits calming vibes, offering both outdoor tranquillity and a cosy interior with Greeky charm.

Peace and tranquility at Naomi Patisserie Jubilee Hills.
Peace and tranquility at Naomi Patisserie

With reliable WiFi and mobile network connectivity, it’s an ideal place to work and focus. The newly opened Banjara Hills outlet adds to its appeal. The menu, crafted with love, features flavorful Mediterranean delights, including standout pizzas. Amplifying the experience are delightful desserts and signature drinks – making Naomi Patisserie a perfect haven for work and enjoyment.

Read my review of Naomi Patisserie and plan your working day.

Roastery Coffee House

While Roastery Coffee House tends to be bustling, it’s a must-visit for its uniqueness and distinct offerings. The ambience invites you to linger, providing the perfect setting to savour your coffee, dive into a book, or simply unwind.

House turned into a cafe - The Roastery Coffee House
House turned into a cafe – The Roastery Coffee House

The blended coffees, including the delightful Coffee Mojito, are a treat for the taste buds. Despite the occasional noise, it remains a decent spot for work. Although it’s been a while since my last visit, from what I recall, Roastery Coffee House is a suitable place for meetings and work sessions based on its overall atmosphere

Read my original review of Roastery Coffee House.


Subko Hyderabad, established last year at Sattva Knowledge City, stands out as a speciality coffee roaster brand, offering an array of exquisite blends and freshly ground coffee. The diverse coffee options might be overwhelming for a casual coffee enthusiast like myself. The spacious venue comprises multiple rooms, providing ample seating for work or leisure. 

Subko Speciality Roasters Bandra
Great ambience, food and coffee at Subko, Bandra, Mumbai

Subko features a dedicated work-from-cafe setup, complete with plug points, desks, chairs, and WiFi. While the daily working plans, starting at Rs 1500, include a Rs 800 food redemption, the pricing might be slightly on the higher side for daily use.

Third Wave

Third Wave Coffee, a chain of coffee outlets with multiple locations in Hyderabad, including the one at Sattva Knowledge City, has become my go-to spot. Frequented by a bustling crowd engaging in work, meetings, and more, it’s an ideal space for productivity.

My preferred spot, equipped with charging points at almost every table, ensures a seamless work experience. While I can’t vouch for the WiFi, the mobile network is reliable. Although I haven’t sampled their food offerings, the citrus cold brew is my consistent favourite. Whether crafting presentations or completing blog posts, this outlet has proven to be an excellent workspace.


Located adjacent to Third Wave Coffee, Starbucks boasts its iconic setup and an appealing menu. With a typical Starbucks ambience, it serves as a conducive work environment. The venue provides reliable WiFi and mobile network connectivity, making it convenient for various tasks.

Ideal for both work sessions and casual meet-ups, Starbucks offers a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. The diverse menu caters to different tastes, ensuring a pleasant experience for visitors. Whether you’re looking to work or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, Starbucks, with its reliable connectivity and inviting ambience, is a reliable choice next to Third Wave Coffee.

Where are you working from next?

When it comes to working remotely, finding the right cafe matters. Hyderabad has some good options for a comfy and productive workspace outside of the usual office. This list is based on my own experiences, sharing cafes that not only serve good coffee but also have a good setup for focused work.

I’ll keep updating this list, and if you know of any other cafes in Hyderabad that I missed, let me know! Let’s build a list of work-friendly spots in the city! Share your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM @Atulmaharaj on Instagram, or Get In Touch.

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