Speciality Coffee & Artisanal Blends
Speciality Coffee & Artisanal Blends

Katha Coffee Hyderabad – Music, Art and Coffee

Long before Subko forayed into the City of Nizams, Katha Coffee & Bakehouse hopped onto the bandwagon of speciality coffee offering a similar experience to that of Subko.

Most of you will agree with me that there has been a remarkable surge in the appreciation of coffee culture. Enthusiasts are out there searching for speciality coffee and artisanal blends. The trend is quite visible in Hyderabad with a meteoric rise in the number of cafes in the city.

Each of these cafes caters to the different needs of Coffee aficionados offering great blends and experiences. Among all of these, some of them that I’ve been to include Brews & Blends, Roast 24 x 7 and more recently Katha

I was here last weekend with my friends. And in his blog post, I’m going to share my review of Katha Cafe and the experience of spending time there. 

Ambience At Katha Coffee & Bakehouse

Located in Banjara Hills, Katha Cafe opened its doors last year and my Instagram feed was full of updates from it. Well, it took Maharaj more than a year to finally be there. Thanks to my friends who agreed to join in. It’s a little further from Nagarjuna Circle on the way to KBR Park.

The Google Maps location is correct, however, it is located in a residential area and one might get confused as to whether they’re driving to the same place. 

It’s a small little cafe with multiple seating options catering to the diverse needs of the people. On the ground floor, they have a cosy corner sofa with a couple of tables, perfect for catching up with friends. On the first floor, they have an indoor seating area surrounded by paintings and photos, perfect for a working day or just chilling with friends. They also have a small outdoor seating perfect for smaller groups.

Ambience at Katha Coffee & Bakehouse
Katha Coffee & Bakehouse ambience

The idea of the cafe is to be a place where people can come and share their stories, passion and coffee. For that, they have multiple areas where they have live music performances, open mics, movie screenings and events like that. I didn’t get to experience any of it since I was there on a Sunday morning, but you can follow them on Instagram to know what’s cooking.

Food & Coffee at Katha Cafe – Review

Many of you already know that I’m a fan of cold brew coffees, Of late, I’ve suddenly started enjoying a hot Mocha as well. So as I waited for my friends to come in, I ordered a Mocha to get things started. They say they use dark chocolate in their Mocha which was quite evident from the flavour. 

Once my friends arrived, we had a barrage of orders on the table. For beverages, we had Kashmiri Kahwa and Rose Cold Brew, Jamun Cold Brew, Matcha Lemonade, Classic Cold Coffee, and a couple of other cold brews. For food, we had  Avocado Toast, Hummus & Mushroom Toast, White sauce Pasta and Pain Au Chocolat.

Speciality Coffee & Artisanal Blends
Speciality Coffee & Artisanal Blends

Starting with the beverages, the Kashmiri Kahwa & Rose Cold Brew was extremely sweet and I guess they used honey in it which made everything so sticky. Would want it to be toned down. Jamun Cold Brew was a pretty interesting mix of flavours. Matcha Lemonade was nice and refreshing and so was the classic cold brew. I also had a cold brew lemonade which was nicely down and the balance of espresso and lemon was spot on. 

Toasts and Croissant
Toasts and Croissant

Talking about the food, my favourite was the Mushroom Hummus & Mango Pickle on toast. The pickle just elevated the flavours. Avocado toast could have been a little better in terms of the toppings and veggies. The Pasta was surprisingly good and the good old Croissant and Pain au Chocolat were nice as well. We also had a plate of fries which were okay, I’ve surely had better fries. 

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, I was quite happy with the whole experience of the place and the food. Would love to go back again soon. I liked the setup which caters to a diverse group of people and is full of photos and art. For anyone looking for a place to work, Katha Cafe & Bakehouse can be a good option.

The service was good and the staff was quite cheerful about everything. In terms of pricing, we paid about Rs 3600 for a group of three which I feel was decent considering the number of items that we ordered. It also had a water bottle included, apparently because Maharaj loved the glass bottle. 

If you’re looking for a good cafe in Banjara Hills, this could be a good option to explore. Finding it may be a little difficult, but everything after that would be smooth sailing. That’s about it from this blog post. Drop in your suggestions, comments and thoughts in the comment box below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM @Atulmaharaj on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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