Veg Cheese Platter & Pasta at PS Cheese Cafe
Veg Cheese Platter & Pasta

PS Cheese Cafe: Haven for Cheese Lovers in Hyderabad

My first interaction with cheese and pizza was coincidentally at the same time. This was a couple of decades ago when I wanted to try Pizza. I was in Ahmedabad and went to a nearby eatery that was making these Desi pizzas. I ordered a double-cheese pizza. I saw it being made, a small round pizza base was used with some tomato sauce. Grated Amul cheese was added to it until it reached towering heights. I was fascinated and got it home. Took a bite of it, and I was like ewww.. what is this! None of us ate more than a bit and we had to give it to the watchman.

Fast forward to today, I relish eating Watermelon feta cheese salad, I know what Parmesan is, Mozarella, and the like. Little did I know that from hating cheese to relishing a variety of cheese would be me. And continuing my cheese journey, I visited PS Cheese cafe from the Roastery Coffee House.

You’re living under a rock if you haven’t come across PS Cheese cafe. So a few weeks ago, I was here with a friend and this is going to be my review of PS Cheese Cafe.

Refreshing Ambience Away From City Noise

While every new cafe, restaurant, and brewery is coming up in Jubilee Hills, PS Cheese Cafe opened in Madhapur. It’s in the same area where Utsav used to exist once. Further, it’s in the same lane as Echoes (another place that I want to visit) Currently the road is dug up, so you’ll have to walk from the main road to the cafe. They have valet parking as well.

It’s a bright building with shades of yellow and white. Large, imposing windows with a transparent sunroof are characteristic of the place. They have indoor and outdoor seating. On the outside, you’re sitting under the trees and can experience the cool breeze. On the inside, you are sitting in an air-conditioned setup. Since it was evening and the weather was relatively cool, we decided to sit outside.

Ambience at PS Cheese Cafe
Ambience at PS Cheese Cafe

Further one thing that you must note is that there can be a waiting queue at PS Cheese Cafe. I had to wait about 30 mins and (additional 15 mins for because I didn’t like the table that was assigned) there were a lot of people waiting for their turn. So if you’re going here on a weekend, be prepared to wait.

A Haven for Cheese Lovers in Hyderabad

Talking about the food at PS Cheese Cafe, as the name suggests it’s an artisanal cheese factory. In fact, it’s Hyderabad’s first cheese factory. Brainchild of the Sinha brothers, PS Cheese cafe makes its own cheese. From sour cream cheese to feta and Parmesan, all the cheeses are made in-house. They have a handful of dishes from cheese.

They also have classic coffees from Roastery Coffee House. Cold brews, pour-overs, whatever you want. So it’s a great mixture of fresh cheesy food and freshly brewed coffee.

Since it was only two of us, we couldn’t try a lot of things. So we tried the Veg Cheese Platter, White Sauce Pasta, Strawberry & Hazelnut Toast along with Mojito Cold Brew (multiple serves of these)

The cheese platter at PS Cheese Cafe is one of the most ordered items. It gives a taste of a variety of cheeses. The platter has cream cheese, feta cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Each of these cheese types is paired with an item like crackers, pineapple, strawberry, etc.

Veg Cheese Platter & Pasta at PS Cheese Cafe
Veg Cheese Platter & Pasta

The best part is that the server will tell you what’s on the plate and which cheese is to be eaten with what. This platter was probably the first time, I had such fresh cheese. I could feel the difference in the same type of cheese that I buy from a supermarket. And since this is made in-house, it’s different.

The pasta on the other hand was pretty nice too. It was loaded with veggies and the cheese did its magic. Creamy and cheesy, just the way I like it. The strawberry hazelnut toast was suggested by the server. It was a toast with Nutella, chocolate paste, hazelnut, and fresh strawberries. It was quite different and any of who loves fruits and chocolate would surely love it.

Strawberry Hazelnut Toast and Cold Brew Mojito
Strawberry Hazelnut Toast and Cold Brew Mojito

Talking about the cold brew mojito, they cannot get it wrong. Since it’s the Roastery Coffee House team behind the coffee, you’re guaranteed good coffee. This one too was perfect. The right balance of coffee and soda made it perfect. I had a couple of glasses of these. If you prefer hot coffee, you can have that too.

I miss not having the mains as they had a pretty good variety of cheese-based dishes. Maybe the next time I go, I either go in with a lot of people or with extra space in my tummy!

Chill & Relish Cheese at PS Cheese Cafe

PS Cheese Cafe is amongst the few (if not the only) places that make their own cheese. The concept of artisanal cheese itself is new to the city from what I know. If you’re a cheese lover or interested in trying new cheese, drop by PS Cheese cafe.

The servers are knowledgeable and can help you understand the various kinds of cheese that you’re eating. Moreover do try their cheesy mains and other unique dishes as well. On the coffee front, you can be guaranteed good coffee since it’s backed by Roastery Coffee House.

All in all a good place to hang out with friends and relish some food. In terms of cost, I paid around Rs 2500 for two that included these dishes and multiple servings of coffee.

That’s about it for this blog post, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram, or Get In Touch.

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