Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip
Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip

1 Day Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip – All You Need To Know

We all would agree that life is the best teacher one can have. And I feel that traveling is the second-best teacher one can have. Like life, you learn a lot when you travel. From learning about the places you visit, their history, culture, food & a lot more. Especially traveling by road or train makes the journey much more enjoyable. Last year in December I went from Hyderabad to Medak road trip.

I know this post is coming in quite late, but what needs to be documented, will be documented. It was Christmas weekend and I didn’t want to stay home, hence I went on a couple of short road trips from Hyderabad. Hyderabad to Medak was one of them. And in this blog post, I’ll talk about my Hyderabad to Medak road trip. In the following post, I’ll talk about things to do in Medak.

Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip

Medak is a district that is located in the northern part of Telangana. Historically, Medak was part of different kingdoms including Kakatiya, Bahami as well as Golconda. There’s a fort in Medak that holds some stories from the past, apart from that there’s the Medak church, about which I’ll talk in the next blog post.

Hyderabad to Medak Route

Medak is about 100-130 km from Hyderabad, depending on where in Hyderabad you start your journey. For me, it’s 130km. This makes it one of the preferred destinations for a one-day road trip from Hyderabad.

In terms of route, there are a couple of routes that you can choose.

  1. Hyderabad -> Kandlakoya -> Medchal -> Manoharabad -> Tupran -> Chegunta -> Shankarampet -> Komtoor -> Medak
  2. Hyderabad -> Gundlapochampally -> Dundigal -> Gummadidala -> Narsapur -> Kowdipally -> Kulcharam -> Rampur -> Mombojipally -> Medak

Route 1 is mostly on NH-44, the Srinagar – Kanyakumari Highway, so you’re guaranteed good roads for the most part of it. Route 2 is mostly on the state high 765D. I choose route 2 because I wanted to visit Narsapur forest park as well on the way.

Road Conditions Hyderabad To Medak

As mentioned above, I took this route from Hyderabad to Medak via Dundigal and Narsapur. Though it’s a state highway, the roads are pretty good all throughout. It’s a two-lane road, but the condition is pretty good. Since it passes through a lot of towns and villages, you can expect some traffic on the way.

In terms of the landscape, it’s pretty much planes for the most part of the trip. You can see paddy fields on both sides with some mountains in the distance. You’ll start noticing the terrain change as you approach Medak. At first, you’ll come across some hilly roads with lush green forests and lots of monkeys. This is the Narsapur area. A little bit of ghat roads amidst the planes is a good change.

Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip
Hyderabad to Medak Road Trip

Overall, I’d say the road is good all throughout. There are sections of the route that is tolled and the charges are minimal. However, expect some street traffic along the route as there are lots of towns and cities along this route.

There are plenty of fuel stops on the way so that shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the distance itself is short enough that most cars and bikes can complete the Hyderabad to Medak road trip easily in full tank.

Talkin about food stops, there are not many that I found were good. Pretty average stops whether it’s for food or the setup in general. For breakfast, I stopped at this bandi right after getting out of Hyderabad and had Idli & Bajji and both were too good.

For lunch, stopped at this average sort of place which wasn’t great. Surely not one of those where I’d visit with my family. If you travel frequently on this route, let me know of any specific food stops that I should try.

Good 1-Day Road Trip From Hyderabad

Medak is a good destination for a one-day road trip from Hyderabad. It’s located at a perfect distance that makes for a good couple of hours of drive. There are quite a few places to visit in and around Medak about which I’ll talk in the next blog post.

That’s about it for this post, I hope this gave you the details that you need to plan your travel to Medak from Hyderabad. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram, or Get In Touch.

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