Roastery Coffee House Lucknow ambience.
Roastery Coffee House Lucknow ambience.

Delightful Roastery Coffee House Lucknow – Review

May date with Coffee started way back when I moved to Bengaluru. Filter Kaapi – and it’s surely the best way to start your coffee journey. I used to stay near Bannerghatta road and my usual coffee place back then used to be Adigas. A crispy Masala Dose along with a filter kaapi. Fast forward to a few months back, I was introduced to cold brews. And one of my favourite places in Hyderabad is Roastery Coffee House.

A few months back Roastery Coffee House opened in Lucknow and I’ll share my experience in this blog post.

Cafe Culture in Lucknow

Lucknow is known for its chat and kebabs. The meat eaters love their kebabs at Tunde Kebabi while the vegetarians can try the basket chat at Royal Cafe. If you’re a vegetarian in Lucknow, then you must read this blog post on 10 vegetarian places you must try. The city of nawabs has always been a chai city if I can say. People love to start their day with piping hot poori chole, and kachori with chai.

Based on my limited knowledge, coffee culture was non-existent in Lucknow until a few days ago. I remember Coffee House at the corner of Hazratganj. Today we see Cafe Coffee Day at the same place. Moreover, with places like Repertwahr, the cafe culture in the city was flourishing. And that’s when Roastery Coffee House decided to open this outlet. In fact, the day I visited Roastery Coffee House was the first day!

First day at Roastery Coffee House Lucknow

Thanks to remote work, I spent a lot of time exploring the city a few months ago. The brand new outlet of Roastery Coffee House Lucknow is located in Gomtinagar. Little did I know that it was in the left lane just before Baati Chokha. A short drive from the road leads to Roastery Coffee House.

Familiar Ambience

True to its brand, this outlet of Roastery Coffee House is also a bungalow. With the characteristic yellow bungalow located in a housing colony, it was bustling with people on day 1! Maybe it was their video on Instagram that helped draw so many people. In terms of overall size, I felt it to be similar to the one in Hyderabad, maybe a little more congested. However, the outdoor seating area in Hyderabad is a little more.

Roastery Coffee House Lucknow ambience.
Familiar ambience.

You’re welcomed with a large pool of flowers followed by a few tables for outdoor seating. If you’ve been to any of their other outlets, you’ll know everything looks familiar. Comfy interiors, a high roof and chequered yellow-and-white marble tiles, it’s just what you look for in a cafe. I was surprised to see that most of the servers on this opening day were from Kolkata and Hyderabad. And some familiar faces too.

Familiar Menu & Flavours

One thing that Roastery Coffee House promises you is a consistent menu and flavours across all their outlets. They are known to roast their own coffee and are one of the best in the business. So there was little doubt in terms of what to order.

Being the cold brew lover that I’m turning into, my order included a lot of them. First was their trademark Cranberry Cold brew. It has the fruity notes and the bitterness of the coffee making it a perfect cold brew with fruity notes. The next drink was Coffee Mojito because being a fan of Mojito and Coffee, how could I not have it? Couldn’t get any better than this. And lastly had their classic Cappuccino. I loved the cookie served with coffee.

Cranberry Cold Brew was my pick of the lot
Cranberry Cold Brew was my pick of the lot

On the food front, there are a few things that you must try irrespective of their branch. First, they’re known for their Onion Rings. These rings are crispy on the out and soft/juicy within. The accompanying dip elevates the taste. Cheese Poppers is another dish worth a try. If you love cheese and want something that will fire up your taste buds, this is what you should try. Lastly, I had their Spaghetti in Spinach Alfredo Sauce. Served with a piece of garlic bread, Spaghetti was creamy and flavourful. It was cooked to perfection and just as saucy as I’d like.

Delicious food at Roastery Coffee House Lucknow
Spaghetti and Onions Rings are a must-try.

Visit Roastery Coffee House & Experience It Yourself

I’ve been to Roastery Coffee House multiple times and I can vouch for their coffee and a few dishes. So whether you’re looking to have some food or coffee, Roastery Coffee House has got you covered. While getting a spot at their Hyderabad outlet is extremely difficult, I’m assuming a similar case to be in Lucknow as well.

As I write this, Roastery Coffee House Jaipur has opened already. So if you’re a coffee lover and reside in Jaipur, make sure to drop by. The ambience is beautiful and the rest you know 🙂

When was the first time you had coffee and what’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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