Instagrammable Views at Cafe Repertwahr
Instagrammable Views at Cafe Repertwahr

Cafe Repertwahr Review – Lucknow’s New Instagrammable Cafe

During my current stay in Lucknow, one thing I can say is that the city has grown too fast. From swanky buildings to Lucknow metro, there’s a lot for the City of Nawabs to boast about. And one such place that’s not in line with Lucknow’s heritage, yet a popular place for locals is Cafe Repertwahr – Lucknow’s Instagrammable Cafe.

Lucknow has been my summer vacation home. As a kid during every summer vacation, I used to come here and spend time with my grandparents. Back then, neither there were many places nor did I have any demands. A plate of chaat, a drive to the banks of Gomti were enough to please me.

This time, I was here to meet one of my Twitter friends for the first time and he (along with many other friends) suggested I visit Cafe Repertwahr at least once during my stay in Lucknow. So this is going to be my Cafe Repertwahr Review.

The Instagrammable Cafe for everyone

Thanks to the Lucknow Metro, a lot of areas surrounding the metro stations have flourished with shops, malls and eating joints. One such area is the one near Lekhraj Metro station. The area, once devoid of any good eateries and shops, is a bustling hub now. Cafe Repertwahr is one of them. Located a little further from the metro station is the rooftop, Instagrammable Cafe Repertwahr.

Instagrammable Views at Cafe Repertwahr
Instagrammable Views at Cafe Repertwahr

The entrance to the place isn’t grand. In fact, I didn’t expect such a beautiful place after looking at the building. Nonetheless, the small lift takes you to the 3rd floor which opens right inside the cafe. You’re greeted with a cool breeze as plants sway to welcome you. On one side they have outdoor seating giving you a good view of the sky. The lighting and the decor is on point making it one of the most Instagrammable Cafes in Lucknow.

One of the highlights of Cafe Repertwahr is their love for books. My friend who’s an author himself had launched his book here. They have indoor seating with a mighty collection of books from various genres. So you can enjoy your food, relish your coffee and read or buy one for yourself. The collection of books is often updated and carefully curated. There’s in fact a huge collection of Hindi books as well. So if you are a bookworm, you must visit Cafe Repertwahr.

Refreshing ambiance at Repertwahr
Refreshing ambiance at Repertwahr

Delectable Food at Cafe Repertwahr

What’s such a beautiful cafe without good food. In view of the current situation, Cafe Repertwahr has done away with physical menus. It’s all governed via a QR code using dine out. (You don’t need the Dineout app to view and order from the menu. However, you can use it pay at the restaurant and get huge discounts with DineOut Passport)

This multicuisine cafe has a wide range of items from Asian, Italian, Middle East and desi dishes. Since it was Friday evening, I decided to go all-in with the food.

Zesty Starters & Pasta

When you meet someone after a long (and for the first time) the focus is more on the talk than the food. So we didn’t order much. For starters, we had their famous Paneer Tikka Masala and Falafel and Hummus platter. The Paneer Tikka was nicely grilled and the smoky flavour was evident. Even the marinade was tasty and flavoursome. The accompanying chutney I felt could be better.

Hummus and Falafel platter on the other hand was equally good. About 6 pieces of falafels along with two small servings of Hummus. Being a fan of Falafels and Hummus, I’d say this was pretty good. The falafels were soft and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. Full marks to Cafe Repertwahr for the zesty starters.

Later we also ordered a portion of Pasta Arrabiata that was served with 4 pieces of Garlic bread. The portion size was just enough for two people. It was loaded with exotic vegetables like Broccoli, Bell Peppers and Mushrooms. The sauce was done nicely and had a good garlicky flavour. All in all, it didn’t disappoint.

Food at Cafe Repertwahr
Food at Cafe Repertwahr

Refreshing Drinks

The humid weather in Lucknow means that you need to constantly hydrate yourself. And especially when you are at a rooftop restaurant talking non-stop, you need something to drink. I ordered a glass of Mint Mojito followed by a Lemon Iced Tea. The Mint Mojito was refreshing and they used the right amount of syrup which didn’t make it too sweet. Fresh mint leaves were added which made the drink more refreshing. The Iced Tea too was on point and that bitterness of the tea was not masked by the sweetness of the lime. Won’t deny that it was one of the best Iced Teas I’ve had off late.

Love Instagram & Books, visit Cafe Repertwahr!

I was surprised to see such a happening and vibing place in a location like Lekhraj Market in Lucknow. Cafe Repertwahr is surely attracting a lot of people and the crowd here is good too. They’ve maintained the ambience and the food all this while. Also, the USP being the book store brings in a lot of people.

So if you are a book worm, you MUST visit Cafe Repertwahr. If you are an author, connect with them and see how they can help you. If you are an Instagrammer, follow me first & then take good photos at this Instagrammable Cafe in Lucknow.

Cafe Repertwahr Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

For the entire meal, the bill was just under Rs 1500 which I feel is extremely pocket friendly. Moreover, I saved another 500 Rs by using Dineout Passport and paying through the app. Which makes it a steal deal for a place like Cafe Repertwahr. Overall, a wonderful experience and I’m sure visiting the cafe the next time I’m in Lucknow.

If you are from Lucknow, have you visited Cafe Repertwahr? How was your experience? If you are not from Lucknow, is there any such book shop cum cafe in your city? Let me know in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. I love the idea of a large bookshop attached to a restaurant! Not sure if there are any in the UK, although some bookshops have small coffee shops inside. The food is an interesting fusion of cultures too. Thanks for another great article which I will share on twitter.

  2. The café really is Instagramable.
    Liked the concept of books there. I just love those cozy cafes where I can read a book or two.

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