Passport Application – Third Checkpoint Cleared

Well, this is in continuation to my previous posts on How to Apply for Passport in India that included all things required and step-by-step guide.

Today, I successfully cleared the Third Checkpoint in the passport application procedure – Police Verification. I had visited the Passport Seva Kendra on 7th March. When checked the status on Passport Online, it said – “Pending Police Verification at your nearest Police Thana.” Today after exactly 13 days, finally cleared the Police Verification.

Passport Status
Passport Status

I got a call while I was in class. I called back after the class and realized that a cop was at the other end. Well, he was sitting at my house and had come for verification. As I was in college, I said I won’t be able to make it immediately and hence asked if I could meet him at the police thana later. Hence I was asked to meet him at 6pm.

As said, I reached the thana at 5pm. Looked around and saw some cops doing their work. I then made a call and found a cop’s phone ringing and thus went to him. He had a print out of a Police Verification form that had details like Present / Permanent Address, Parent’s name etc. Along with it, attached were all the documents that I had submitted at the PSK on 7th March. Certainly appreciate the whole system. Too good.

As of now, the thing from the police’s end is done. Now it should take around 1 month for Tatkal Passport and about 2-3 months for Normal Applications. Well 3/4 steps cleared so I hope I receive it quickly !

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  1. Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a Passport Application,I found a blank form here:

  2. Malaysian passport ready within 1 hour. =D

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