Relaxing as a Sloth ;)

Wonder why this title ? Well, my current condition is like a Sloth ! For those who don’t know what a Sloth is, they seem to be one of the most relaxed animals on our planet: they sleeps 18 hours a day, only leave their favorite tree to do business !

Relaxing like sloth. Courtesy: funnyjunk
Relaxing like sloth. Courtesy: funnyjunk

Certainly with the current scenario of a typical semester-end of a college, we too have lots and lots of submissions to be done. Includes assignments, questions (some of them are really stupid), Viva and what not. And on top of it every faulty has given the same last date ! Well well well… and none of them agree to take it early !

Relaxation at its best ! Courtesy: clker
Relaxation at its best ! Courtesy: clker

Sitting amongst friends who are far too busy copying loads and loads of assignments, taking snapshots of solved questions, and preparing the lab files, scribbling on sea of pages just to complete things in time and submit. And most of them are on time (Only thing that the teacher extends the submission date 😛 ;)) But I am kindof jobless, sitting and running away from the monkey, collection coins and jumping around  (for those who didn’t understand the last phrase, I was talking about Temple Run). Well on schedule, managed to get some vivas completed before time, all assignments, questions, projects and what not already submitted ! Feels nice to strike out stuff from the to-do list 😛

This will go on for few days (a week most likely). So there is some benefit of being punctual and sincere ! What do you think ??

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