Kolkata House, Kondapur
Kolkata House, Kondapur

Eat Bengali, Feel Bengali at Kolkata House, Kondapur

One of the characteristics of a true foodie is that he/she is open to change and is willing to try out new things without any hesitation. Be it the bitter karela ki subzi or the sweet qubani ka meetha, they’re up for everything. And me being a true foodie, decided to try something ‘hatke‘ – Bengali Food. Bengal as you all know is known for its richness in arts and culture, but mind it Bengalis have a great sense of taste along with the sweet tooth too. Be it the snacky Rolls or the Macher Jhol, everything tastes just perfect. My old memories about Kolkata – when I visited the city of joy for my shoot of Bournvita Quiz Contest way back in 2004 wasn’t too good, especially on the food front. But 12 years down the lane, today I was more than eager to try out the food. My colleagues decided to take me to a well-known Bengali restaurant here in Hyderabad – Kolkata House. So here’s my take on Kolkata House, Kondapur.

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Bengali Music and handmade paintings light up the Kolkata House.
Bengali Music and handmade paintings light up the Kolkata House.

Kolkata House is located right on the main road and is opposite to the RTO. The restaurant has three seating areas, one that is closer to the road, then another one a little away and the third one, the AC hall. All these three areas combined together cannot seat more than 50 people at max, so you can imagine the size of the place. The AC room itself is very congested, and they ask solo foodies to group and use on table. But the best part about the AC hall is the interior and the overall ambiance. The walls have some good paintings depicting the life in West Bengal – Kolkata in particular. These wonderful paintings coupled with some great bangla songs brings the place to life.

The famous Aloo Poshto at Kolkata House
The famous Aloo Poshto – great on taste.

Now shifting focus to the food. Bengalis as you might be aware of, love their ‘Maachi‘ and ‘Bhaat‘, so Kolkata House too, just like an authentic Bengali Restaurant has an expansive menu on variety of fish, mutton and chicken items. And just like always, there isn’t anything much for the vegetarians in this non vegetarian’s world. With not much on the menu, I decided to order the famous Aloo Poshto, Aloo Potol and Porothas. The service is on the slower side, so you need to wait a little longer. But if you are a non vegetarian, the wait might be worth ! The food was brought to the table and the first thing I noted was the quantity of items, it was less compared to any standard restaurant. Nevertheless, I digged into the Aloo Poshto and it tasted nice – different, not spicy and very balanced taste. The Aloo Potol was just awesome, maybe because I like Potol in general, but the curry was made to perfection. And all this with Paratha tasted perfect. On the non veg front my colleagues ordered a fish preparation and as they are a regular at the restaurant, they seemed to have enjoyed the dish.

Tasty Aloo Potol at Kolkata House, Kondapur
Tasty Aloo Potol

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Just like no meal is complete without butter milk in Andhra, no meal is complete without ‘Mishti‘ in Bengal. So after the meal it was time to treat ourselves with some authentic Bengali sweet dishes. I started with my favorite Ras Malai and it was heavenly. I don’t seemed to have eaten such amazing Ras Malai in years and that too so cheap ! Apart from this, I also tried Chenna Toast and Rabri and both were just perfect. So in the end the sweets helped me finish my lunch on a high note.

The Show Stopper - Ras Malai at Kolkata House
The Show Stopper – Ras Malai

In the end, Kolkata House is a must visit place if you are a Bengali and you want to have ‘ghar ka khaana’. If you are a foodie and want to try authentic Bengali food with a decent ambiance, this place is for you. But if you are a vegetarian, then I’m afraid you would find anything good apart from the sweet dishes. The value for money might not be that good considering the amount of every item served, but Kolkata House lives up to the Authentic Bengali Cuisine tag.

Kolkata House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Have you already visited Kolkata House ? How was your experience ? Are there any special dishes that you think we shouldn’t miss out on ? Do share it in the comments below.

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