Orange Hues in Hyderabad - Shades of Nature
Orange Hues in Hyderabad - Shades of Nature

Shades of Nature

It’s a cloudy Sunday morning after a near-stormy night in Hyderabad. I’m sitting in my balcony and gazing the beauty of Nature. The dark grey skies with the Sun playing peek-a-boo, paints great hues in the sky. The trees and plants have a bright green color, thanks to the shower last night. As I type this, I get a thought – humans are trying so hard to ‘replicate’ the Shades of Nature. From the sunset yellow to forest green on the color swatch, we have more than a million shades. But are we ever going to get there ? The answer is No.

Marketing TVs and Smartphones with claims of High Definition (HD), Full HD, Ultra HD, 4k screens all we are trying to achieve is better clarity and a way to replicate the shades of nature. We are trying to develop panels that are like our eyes – or even better – trying to get closer to the human eye, that can identify more than 10 million different colors. Well here I try to ‘replicate’ the shades of nature captured by me in the past few years. Here are the best of lot that I found after digging through my hard disk.

Beautiful Floral Rangoli - Shades of Nature
Beautiful Floral Rangoli – Shades of Nature

The above image of a Floral Rangoli shows the bright colored flowers arranged in a symmetric manner. The suave white flowers with bright Red Hibiscus look marvelous.

Orange Hues in Hyderabad - Shades of Nature
Orange Hues in Hyderabad – Shades of Nature

Above is the picture of amazing orange hues at sun set in Hyderabad. The sky looks so beautiful with the orange and blue shades of nature.

Borra Caves, Araku - Shades of Nature
Borra Caves, Araku – Shades of Nature

Here’s a picture from Borra Caves near Araku – a hill station near Visakhapatnam. The cave is lit up perfectly with the natural light coming in from the opening of the cave.

Clear Blue Sky in Shimla - Shades of Nature
Clear Blue Sky in Shimla – Shades of Nature

A picture that I took while I was en-route Shimla. The clear blue sky with the sun shinning at its fullest. You don’t get to see such gorgeous shades everyday ! Do You ?

50 Shades of Grey - Shades of Nature
50 Shades of Grey – Shades of Nature

The above picture is what I term as 50 Shades of Grey. Taken few days back here in Hyderabad, this picture shows the grey skies marking the arrival of rain.

Mango Pickle - Shades of Nature
Mango Pickle – Shades of Nature

And lastly, nature doesn’t mean only landscapes. It includes anything and everything that surrounds us. Here’s a lovely picture of Aam ka Achaar in process. The bright red chili powder with the yellow turmeric and the green mangoes.

So how was my collection of photos depicting the Shades of Nature ? I have the zeal to learn photography and most of the photos you see are clicked from my phone – Nexus 5.

Hope you like them !

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  1. Durga Prasad Dash

    beautiful pics. Particularly the aam ka achar

  2. Lovely…shades of nature! Gorgeous clicks! The cave image is my favorite.

    • Thanks a lot Bushra for stopping by. Those are Borra Caves near Visakhapatnam beautiful place.

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