Mighty Kandhar Fort in Nanded
Mighty Kandhar Fort in Nanded

Kandhar Fort near Nanded – Exploring the unexplored

Over the past few posts I talked about the importance of Nanded for Sikhs. This town in Maharashtra is no less than a typical town in Punjab. Couldn’t come across Vada Pav and Missal Pav as expected but found a lot of shops serving Lassi and Aloo Paratha. During my 3 day trip to Nanded, I visited the Hazur Sahib Gurudwara which is one of the five ‘takhts‘ in Sikhism. I also got a chance to witness the Laser Show at Hazur Sahib that depicted the rise of Sikhism. After spending time gurudwara-hopping it was now time to explore the unexplored – Kandhar Fort. There isn’t much information available on the internet about Kandhar Fort. Now that I’ve visited the place, I’m sure you’ll find some useful information here.

Mighty Kandhar Fort in Nanded
Mighty Kandhar Fort in Nanded

Reaching Kandhar Fort

Kandhar Fort is in the town of Kandhar that is roughly about 50kms from Nanded. One needs to head down on National Highway 331 towards Latur, and take a left from the junction in Loha. The fort is roughly about 30 mins drive from Loha junction. However it isn’t easy to reach the fort. There are very few signage on the highway about Kandhar Fort but you won’t find any when you reach the town. Everyone we asked, told us to take a left !

Anyways, thanks to technology that Google Maps helped us reach the place. The lanes leading up to the fort are very narrow and can have only one car going at one time. There is no board / indication the fort, even when we reached there we were unsure about where the entrance to the fort is. The fort is open till 6pm in the evening and the visitors have to provide an entry in a register at the entrance. Further I’ll advice you to arrange a Cab to reach the fort as there aren’t many modes of transport to reach Kandhar Fort and return.

Mighty Kandhar Fort
Mighty Kandhar Fort

Neglected Kandhar Fort

With the lack of information on the internet about Kandhar Fort, our expectations were a tad low. So when we reached the fort, we weren’t shocked. Most of the information boards within the fort complex are rusted and aren’t legible. A lot of renovation / restoration work is going on inside the fort. The number of people working inside the fort is more than the number of people visiting it ! Kandhar fort cannot be compared to the likes of Golconda in Hyderabad or Red Fort in Delhi. The number of stairs reminded me of Bhool Bhulaiya in Lucknow.

Lack of signages within the complex was a dampener as we had no idea as to where to go. Upon checking with the authorities, they told that the monument is under the ASI but under the control Maharashtra State. I seriously urge the Maharashtra Tourism Department to pay some heed to the condition of the fort. It’s terrible ! So if you know anyone from Maharashtra govt or Maharashtra Tourism, please ask them to improve the condition of the Kandhar Fort.

Remains at Kandhar Fort
Remains at Kandhar Fort

Overall, the Kandhar fort was a let down. Poor maintenance and unawareness of the Kandhar is probably the main reason why many tourists aren’t reaching this place. Nevertheless, we could capture some great photos at the fort. We clicked some great photos and most of us have them as our profile pic across various social media accounts. Check out mine on my Twitter profile. Do comment if you like the Profile Pic 😉 So if you are visiting Nanded and have some extra time on your hand, you could plan a trip to Kandhar fort.

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  1. Great. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to visit it in Feb. next year when I will visit Latur. Its a bit far off from Latur I know but my friend’s wedding is there in Latur and so I plan to make the trip.
    Good to know that you were able to click pics. As far as I know a lot of forts in Marathwada, photography is not allowed.

    Any contact number of yours will be truly appreciated. I am a fort freak as well and have completed a lot of treks.

    • Hi Siddharth, thanks for stopping by. Since you are a fort freak, you might not enjoy this one as much. Forts in Lonavala, Pratapgarh are better than this one. As for my contact, get in touch with me on Twitter, I’m pretty active there 🙂

  2. This looks so mystical and can prove to be a great tourist spot provided maintenance is one thing that is taken care of. Great pics to suffice 🙂

  3. looks like a great place; would love to visit!

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