Cred App Review - Featured
Cred App Review - Featured

Cred App Review – Supercharge your Credit Card

Basically, I’m not a cash person, digital is the way for me. Few years into work, I learned about Credit Cards and they changed the way I made transactions – in a good way. Understood the various benefits of credit cards and have been reaping benefits ever since. I didn’t have anything to pen down this week, so this is what I decided to write – Supercharge Credit Card usage with Cred App Review.

At any point in time, I barely have around ₹1000 in my wallet in cash. Since the time I started earning and had my own bank account, I’ve been using my cards left, right, and center. And with all the Digital wallets and UPI coming in, I don’t even remember the last time I paid in cash to anyone. Most of the purchases are done at supermarkets involves card, remaining everything is done with e-wallets, cards, etc.

Cred App Review - Featured
Cred App Review – Rewards and Smart Statement

Supercharge your Credit Card

I’d start by saying that credit cards are not for everyone. And even banks feel the same and don’t give it to everyone. However, with the credit-based economy changing, getting a credit card has become a lot easier especially for the salaried class.

The reason I said that credit card isn’t for all is because I’ve seen many folks not being able to repay the complete bill amount and opt to pay the minimum amount only. And that is the biggest mistake. They aren’t aware (at least I’m not aware that they are aware) that the credit rolling to the next bill will attract huge interest (sometimes in the range of 30-40%) and at one point you’ll be drowning in debt.

I feel that credit cards must be used only by people who are disciplined and would pay the complete bill at once rather than part. (Bank would love you to the moon and back if you don’t pay the bill in time) If you are disciplined in clearing the dues, nothing comes in handy as the credit card. The benefits list vary based on the card and is quite good. From getting free movie tickets, restaurant coupons to complimentary lounge access, and much more. I’ve been using my HDFC Diners club Club miles card and have been in love with it ever since. I do have an ICICI coral credit card which I use at times.

So most of the credit cards provide these benefits, but you can get more from your credit card? This post is just about it. How do you Supercharge your Credit card usage with Cred App?

Cred App Review – Pays for discipline

Most of you reading this would have either heard or used the mobile wallet Freecharge. And Cred App is a new offering by the same founder. The idea behind the app was that India is still a debit economy where major the population uses debit cards over credit cards. With the Cred app, they want users to use credit cards and if you are disciplined in paying the bills in time, you get rewarded handsomely!

And how could we not talk about the Indiranagar ka Goonda 😉

Cred App accepts new registrations who meet the credit score guideline set by them. So if you have a good credit score, you’ll be accepted else you’ll have to wait. Upon agreeing to all the T&C you actually allow Cred App to fetch your credit score from the authorities. Once signed up, you need to register your credit cards on the app.

For every card, it will automatically fetch the bill and prompt you to pay. You can opt to pay the bill using a debit card, net banking, and UPI. For every rupee you pay, you earn an equivalent Cred coin. (1₹ = 1 Cred coin) So all you have to do is, pay the bills from the app, earn coins, accumulate or spend coins. Simple as that!

Exclusive Cred App Invite

I’m happy to share an exclusive invite to Cred App here. If your application is approved, you’ll get a point equivalent to your credit score immediately. Make payments and supercharge your credit card with Cred. PS: For better experience access the link from a mobile as it will automatically download the app for you.

Exclusive Cred App Invite

Exclusive Cred App Invite

Cred App Review – Rewards

As they say, if you are disciplined you’ll get rewarded. Cred App has a good set of rewards and that’s what I’ll cover in my Cred App review. Mind you that rewards are ‘shown’ to you based on the amount you’ve paid from the app. The rewards generally range from food coupons, gym memberships, new product launch discount coupons, etc. Based on my usage, I feel the reward basket is good enough. They even have the option to buy Dineout Gourmet Passport by redeeming the coins. Though the conversion is poor – for about 5000 Cred coins, one can redeem something of ₹500-₹800 in value. But again, you’ve paid the bill so this is definitely a free add-on.

They also have a Cred Experience section where they provide exclusive access to big-ticket events. These events can be anything from live concerts to live match screenings at good restaurants. They mention that there are dedicated Cred centers at the event where you can verify the coupons. I’m yet to attend a Cred Experience event though.

Cred App Rewards
Cred App Rewards and Experiences

Pros and Cons of Cred App

There are pros and cons to everything we use. And Cred App is no different. That’s why I feel it’s important to talk about the pros and cons of Cred App in my Cred App review. I’ve been using the Cred App for quite some time now and here are the pros and cons of Cred App:


  • Good bouquet of rewards – refreshes frequently
  • Cred Experiences are great
  • Payments are fast
  • Card Scan and Bill Analysis feature pretty good – tells you about any extra charges on your card
  • Can read your statement from email and show the stats – only if you allow it to access
  • Amazing UI/UX experience of the app – kudos team !


  • Payment might not go through at times, I’ve had one instance and it took quite some time for it to be reversed
  • Average Customer Care – No dedicated in-app support. You have to email them and wait till they revert. No Cred App Customer Number, you can contact them only via email.
  • #KillTheBill cashback offers are a waste of points. You spend about 1000 points for 20-30Rs credit back to your card.
  • Cred Experiences and few other offers are limited to some cities only.

The pros for Cred App surely outweigh the Cons and that in my opinion is good. There are many reward programs around, but this one is just the one you need. New offers and rewards are added quite often and that’s good.

Exclusive Cred App Invite

Exclusive Cred App Invite

Final Verdict: Use Cred App to Supercharge your Credit Card

Earning extra cash backs or discounts isn’t bad especially if you are doing it the right way. Cred App is surely a great app that rewards you for being disciplined in paying your credit card bills in time. The app is free to download on Android and iOS and anyone can use it. Only if you have a good credit score you’ll be let in, but once you are in I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ve been talking about it to every other person I meet. (Why not ?) because it does help everyone.

That’s about it for my Cred App review blog post. I hope you liked my Cred App Review where I discussed all the important points of the Cred App. Would you join Cred App? What are your thoughts about it? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. Nicely put. I am using it for around a year now. Don’t find any significant use of points earned on credit card bill payments. Even the cashback, as you rightly stated, is very low to the range of Rs. 5-7.

    And the good thing is now I don’t skip any of my credit cards payments. It has a good reminder mechanism. Plus, I can see my cards statement details within the app.

    • Cred does make it easy and rewarding to pay bills in time. I usually use the coins to buy something at a discount and try something new. The cashbacks are a joke 😬 Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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