Gujarati Thali at Agashiye
Gujarati Thali at Agashiye

Heritage Gujarati Thali at Agashiye Ahmedabad – Review

Many of you may not know but my formal education started in Ahmedabad. Hindi being my mother tongue, I rate my Gujarati better. Having spent more than a decade in Gujarat, I always miss something or the other. More often than not, it’s the food. Gujarati food has a different place in my heart (read stomach) Irrespective of what time of day it is, I can eat Gujarati food. From the Gujarati Farsaan to main course dishes like Undhiyu and desserts like Basundi, to my favourite Gujarati Thali.

Here in Hyderabad whenever I have the Gujarati Thali craving, I head to Ohri’s De Thali (closed now) or Rajdhani (only Forum mall branch open) Both don’t serve proper Gujarati Thali but are quite close. Last weekend I was in Ahmedabad and thanks to the rains, I couldn’t venture out much. However, as I said, Gujarati food has a special place in my heart. I headed to one of the famous Gujarati Thali restaurant in Ahmedabad – Agashiye by House of MG. So, is it worth the Zomato Ratings/Word of mouth? Let’s find out in my Heritage Gujarati Thali at Agashiye Ahmedabad Review.

Heritage Haveli Ambiance at Agashiye

With space constraints in cities, many restaurants are choosing to convert existing bungalows into restaurants/cafes. Agashiye is one such fine dining restaurant. Located in the House Of MG near Lal Darwaja in Ahmedabad. Agashiye is a class apart. The property is cultural treat for anyone visiting the place. The grand entrance to the stories on the walls, House of MG is a place where one can spend hours. Agashiye is located on the second floor and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Since it was raining, we had to go indoors.

Heritage Ambiance at Agashiye by House of MG
Heritage Ambiance at Agashiye by House of MG

The place is quite spacious and has two sections which can accommodate quite a few guests. The interiors are grand yet simple and remind you that you are dining in a haveli. The seating, cutlery are of good quality which is expected. Frankly, more than Agashiye, it’s about the story which Mangaldas Girdhardas have to say. If you are a history buff, you might spend an entire day here ! Overall, can’t comment much on the ambience, it’s just amazing!

Silver Gujarati Thali at Agashiye Review

Agashiye is one of the top-rated Gujarati Restaurants in Ahmedabad but does it live up to the ratings? Let’s find out. The restaurant serves only Gujarati Thali and has two options – Kansa and Silver Thali. There’s not much difference between the two except few items here and there and of course the silverware. One of the first things you’d notice is that the restaurant charges you upfront. So even before you enter the restaurant, you have to choose what you want and pay the entire bill before proceeding. That’s kind of new for me. If you know of any restaurant having such a thing, please mention it in the comments below.

Starters in Gujarati Thali

We reached our tables and were quickly attended by the servers. Hand wash arrived at the table as everything was ready already. We had Patra, Muthiya, Dahi Puri Chat, Papaya Sambharo and Corn Samosa for starters. Along with that we also had Pineapple juice and the Gujarati Beer – Chaas ! The Muthiya were one of the finest I’ve had in recent times. Soft and flavorful muthiyas were delicious. I’m not a big fan of Patra, but these deserved a bit. Flavorful indeed. Other starters were average as I had a few serves of Muthiya.

Starters in Gujarati Thali
Starters in Gujarati Thali

Main Course items in Gujarathi Thali

One relates to Gujarati Thali as having a lot of bowls and items, but this one isn’t regular. I felt that the number of items was on the lesser side. The Silver Gujarati Thali at Agashiye had Fudina Bataka, Kacha Kela Karela Kaju, Valor Muthiya, Chole, Gujarati Kadhi and Dal. Since this is an unlimited Gujarati thali at Agashiye, you can have how much every you want. The Fudina Bataka were ok and Kacha Kel Karela Kaju was something new. The dry curry was chewy and flavorful. However, my favourite of the night had to be Valor Muthiya, Gujarati Kadhi and Dal. My taste buds were craving these flavours for ages and Agashiye justified it. Overall, the food was good.

Desserts in Silver Gujarati Thali

Moving to the desserts, there were quite a few of them. We had Kaprapak, Mugdal Shiro and Rajwadi Bundi along with ice cream and Mishti Doi. Mishti Doi in a Gujarati Thali ? Anyways, the Kaprapak was coconut halwa laced with ghee and sweetness. If you love coconut burfi, you’ll like this. Mugdal Shiro is the Moong dal halwa which you would have eaten quite a few times.

The Rajwadi Bundi was something new for me. It was boondi drenched in basundi which is a luscious combo.Ice cream served in the Gujarati Thali at Agashiye is made in house and has good flavors. I was so full that I gave the Mishti Doi a miss. Moreover, all these sweet dishes were high on the sweet-o-meter so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you could avoid these.

Gujarati Thali at Agashiye
Gujarati Thali at Agashiye

Final Verdict: Gujarati Thali at Agashiye worth ?

Eating a Gujarati Thali in a Silver Thali at a Heritage Hotel in Ahmedabad is all good, but is it worth the price? The thalis at Agashiye are priced steeply at ₹1195+taxes for Kansa Thali and ₹1695+taxes for Silver Thali. This amount is definitely on the higher side for a thali restaurant. I pay that much for a good buffet at a luxury hotel in Hyderabad.

So is the Gujarati Thali at Agashiye worth it? What do I have to say for the Agashiye Gujarati Thali review? Well, if you look at it from the dining experience point of view, it does do justice. House of MG is a heritage property where you can learn about the history of Ahmedabad and the other kings of Gujarat. The ambience, service and everything else ensures you feel privileged. However, if you take only the Gujarati Thali into account (which isn’t correct) it could be better.

Agashiye - The House Of MG Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The food tastes good and the variety is decent too, but I’m sure there are other restaurants in the city that have a higher value for money quotient considering the Gujarati Thali. Agashiye is a fine dining restaurant that wants you to experience dining in a different way, would you want to experience it? Mention your views in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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