Delicious Thali at Ohri's De Thali
Delicious Thali at Ohri's De Thali

Ohris De Thali – Review of the Best Thali in Hyderabad

I’m fond of buffets and thalis (who isn’t) and if it’s a pure vegetarian one, it’s even better. Being a Vegetarian Foodie (Yes we exist !) I’ve explored a lot of good eateries in Hyderabad. Ohri’s Jiva Imperia, Bikanervala, Tatva, Rajdhani, Chutneys to name a few. Recently I was at Rajdhani for Sankranti to experience their special offering. Hyderabad hasn’t got many options when it comes to Gujarati / Rajasthani thalis (If there’s anything, do mention in the comments. I’d surely want to try it) and Rajdhani has become a go to name when it comes to Gujarati / Rajasthani thali.

What if I said there’s an even better restaurant which serves delicious thalis ? I’m a regular at the Ohri’s Jiva Imperia (if you are from the restaurant management, you probably know me :P). Now there are two restaurants on the same floor – Jiva Imperia on the left and De Thali on the Right. I always took a left and turned a blind eye to the other one. However, last weekend I decided to walk in to De Thali. And trust me, it was the right decision. Read on to find out why I say Ohri De Thali is the best Thali in Hyderabad. My review of the amazing Thali at Ohri’s De Thali

Spacious Ambiance at Ohri’s De Thali

I’ve told this in the past and will repeat the same now. Ohri’s group have got restaurants with some amazing ambiance. Whether it’s the elegant ambience at Jiva Imperia or the quirky one at Nautanki Gali, every restaurant has a different touch to it. Ohri’s De Thali is not different. The restaurant is quite spacious in terms of the seating space and the room around. Even the plates are quite large and not congested like the ones in Rajdhani. The plates in Rajdhani are too small considering the items they serve. The music playlist at De Thali too adds to the experience of dining. Overall, the ambiance is pretty good and I’m sure you’ll love it too !

Spacious and comfortable Ambience
Spacious and comfortable Ambience

Delicious and Scrumptious Thali

I’m an early bird everywhere – early to rise, restaurants, airports. Likewise I was here for dinner at around 8pm (Thanks to Uber for playing a spoil sport). Since there weren’t many people, got to choose my place. Once the initial briefing was done, the food started coming in. The first thing that came to the table was the Buttermilk. It’s unlimited ! Rajdhani doesn’t even have the ‘chass’an integral part of any Gujarati Thali. Post that there were the snacks – Dhokla, Chutney, Kachori. Followed by the Dal-Baati-Churma – this was tasty. The dal was outstanding, I’d say better than the dal server otherwise.

Delicious Thali at Ohri's De Thali
Delicious Thali at Ohri’s De Thali

Once the starters were done, in came the main course items. There was Baigan ka Bharta, Mutter Paneer, Aloo Curry, Bhindi, Gatte ki Subzi, 2 Dals and Kadhi. My favorites were the Baigan Bharta, Bhindi, Gatter ki Subzi and the sweet Dal. (I’m a fan of the sweet dal) Then there were the regulars – Phulka, Bajra Roti and Thepla along with Rice, Biryani and Curd Rice. I hogged Phulkas and Gatte ki Subzi and I’m sure the servers were like this guy ain’t gonna stop !

If you have been reading my posts especially the restaurant review ones, you would be aware that the desserts aren’t quite upto the mark at most of the thali / Buffet restaurants. But this was different – there was piping hot jalebi, cool basundi and ras malai. I relished a cup of each while the restaurant manager forced me a couple more.

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Final Verdict: The Best Thali in Hyderabad

Ohri’s De Thali gets my thumbs up for the Best Thali in Hyderabad. The ambience is good and the soft music adds to it. The plates are spacious and nothing is hiding underneath the other. Most of the items on the plate were good – had a balanced taste, so I could have almost all the items. My favourites were the Baigan Bharta, Gatte ki Subzi and the Sweet Dal apart from the Desserts. The Khaman could have been done better and so the Dahi Vada – the laggard on the plate. Priced at around Rs 450, the Thali at Ohri’s De Thali is worth your hard-earned money. Already been there ? How was your experience dining there ? Let me know by mentioning in the comments below of tweeting to me at @Atulmaharaj And for amazing photos follow me on Instagram.

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