Corona Virus Tracker App - Covid Tracker
Corona Virus Tracker App - Covid Tracker

Covid Tracker – Essential Corona Virus Tracker App

In my last post about the Corona Virus Pandemic, I spoke about spotting Fake News. We all are responsible citizens and it’s our duty to ensure that we don’t spread Corona Virus fake news. Also, it’s been two days since I’ve been working from home. Apart from all the work, I have managed to sneak some time off to code. With that in mind – and thousands of other Corona Virus Tracker App – I decided to create one too. Well I do love to code, but usually want things to be done fast – Rapid Prototyping you see 😉 So this post will talk about my Covid Tracker – Corona Virus Tracker Android App.

Corona Virus Tracker App

What was the need for this app when the entire world is already providing the details ? Well, for me coding is always learning. My first android app was a simple Mileage Calculator a summer project that boasts of over 1.3 Million downloads ! This project too was a learning one especially about handling data and parsing. These are few things that I haven’t played much with in Android. The idea of Corona Virus Tracker App – Covid Tracker came in when my dad asked “what’s the status now ?” And I googled to get the numbers. That’s when it popped to me, why don’t I create a simple android app that gives me the corona virus stats ? And off I was to work on it and in a day’s time, here it is – The Covid Tracker – Corona Virus Tracker App.

Covid Tracker Corona Virus Tracker App
Covid Tracker – Corona Virus tracker App. Courtesy:

Also, I know there are already a tons of corona virus tracker app in the market. That doesn’t bother me at all. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s all about learning for me and since I have a developer account and a blog, why not spread the word about it. Well, if it’s not me, who else will do it ? 😉

Covid Tracker Android App

First things first, the app doesn’t create any Corona Virus Data, it pulls the data present publicly. For more details on this, check out the app page on developer app website. Like I said, the app is pretty simple and light weight and does what it says – help track Corona Virus cases status in near real-time. The app works on any Android device running Lollipop and above. I’ve tested it on my OnePlus 3T and Redmi Note 5 and it works just well. Apart from all these, the Covid Tracker Corona Virus Tracker app also allows you to share the data with other people either on Social Media, Emails, WhatsApp or SMS. So yeah, it’s a pretty handy app !

Social Media share by Covid Tracker App

Covid Tracker Android App – Features

  • Fast and Light Weight
  • Near RealTime Corona Virus Case status
  • View Corona Virus data for World and India
  • Share the data with the world
Covid Tracker - Essential Corona Virus Tracker App
Covid Tracker Android App. Courtesy:

So yes, that’s another Android App that I’ve developed and I feel, you guys must check it out. Head over to the link below to download the app. The app isn’t on Google Play Store so I know you won’t be able to rate it. But however it is – good, bad, worst, – do let me know on my social media channels – Twitter and Instagram.

Download Covid Tracker

Why isn’t the app on Google Play Store ?

I’m sure that most of you would be wondering that Why isn’t this app on Google Play Store yet ? Well, firstly the Google team is running on minimal resources and hence the app review cycle is taking longer than usual. Secondly, I got an email earlier in the day that my Corona Virus Tracker app violates the Sensitive Event Developer Policy and hence the app stands suspended. I have an option to appeal which I won’t. I understand the app may have flouted the Google policies, but I’m sure that the app doesn’t do anything wrong and is there only to help people. So yes, that’s the answer to it. Also, none of the apps I’ve developed takes away any data from your device, do check out the privacy policy in case you want to be dead sure.

So yes, a day well spend in quickly prototyping and learning more in Android. Though I’m no expert, I do like spending time on such things. Do check out the Covid Tracker app and share your genuine feedback either in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram.

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