Amenities at Mercure Hyderabad Suite
Amenities at Mercure Hyderabad Suite

24 hours at Mercure Hyderabad – My Perfect Staycation

If you are working in a typical IT company, you would have seen cubicles. For the last 7 years, I have worked in one. Blue coloured walls with a whiteboard and a computer/laptop – that’s where most of the IT guys work from. Thanks to the pandemic, most of us started working from home thus giving our work area a much-needed refresh. Working from home not only gave us time to explore our passions, work on our health, but also allowed us to work from anywhere.

I even compiled a list of remote destinations to work from home in India sometime back. Keeping that in mind, I’ve tried to change my desk as often as I could. Apparently, that helps me concentrate better. So last week, I got an invitation to spend 24 hours at Mercure Hyderabad for a staycation. And for someone like me who loves to work and needs a refresh often, I readily agreed to experience it.

This isn’t my first staycation in Hyderabad. I did one earlier at Novotel HICC too which was an experience of a different kind. However, I was eagerly looking forward to my staycation at Mercure Hyderabad because of the local artefacts the hotel has on display.

What sets Mercure Hyderabad apart from the rest?

For those of you from Hyderabad, would have seen the Mercure Hyderabad building while in Erram Manzil. The property isn’t spread over acres of land, but after spending 24 hours at Mercure Hyderabad, I can surely tell one thing. The property will surprise you in ways you cannot think of. So keep on reading this to learn more about my staycation experience at Mercure Hyderabad.

Location – centrally located property

One of the best things about Mercure Hyderabad is its location. The location gives the hotel a huge advantage. Whether you want to go to Gachibowli or Tarnaka (two ends of Hyderabad), both are at equal distance from Mercure Hyderabad. Further, it’s conveniently located near a metro station and a railway station making it extremely accessible. Located right off the main road, you might wonder about the traffic noises creeping in, but to my surprise, they’ve managed to keep the honks at bay.

The building stands tall overlooking the mighty Hussain Sagar giving you a mesmerizing view during the night. You can easily spot iconic places of Hyderabad – Buddha Statue, Birla Mandir – lighting up the skyline. The hotel has more than 100 rooms including suites along with meeting rooms, banquets et all.

Multiple Dining Options

Mercure Hyderabad also boasts of a variety when it comes to food. And being a foodie, I’m glad I got a chance to experience all of them. Apart from the in-room dining service, they have got one all-day restaurant in Cayenne along with a lounge bar IQ. While Cayenne is where the breakfast, lunch, dinner is served, IQ is where you can get some refreshing cocktails and mocktails along with some finger food. I’ll talk more about the restaurants and the food in the upcoming blog post as I feel the food deserves attention.

Promotion of local art & culture

Mercure Hyderabad might not have the largest reception or the lobby, but they’ve ensured that you feel good the moment you step in. The hotel believes in promoting local art and that is quite evident. From the large Kalamkari paintings to the massive Pochampally art at the entrance, there are a lot of such elements that will mesmerize you.

Kalamkari Art, Aranmula Kannadi Mirror, Block print inspired Fire extinguishers at Mecure Hyderabad
Kalamkari Art, Aranmula Kannadi Mirror, Block print inspired Fire extinguishers at Mecure Hyderabad

My favourite however was the fire extinguishers and electric panels that are inspired by block print. They just bring the whole place to life. Even the 500-year-old Aranmula Kannadi Mirror near the entrance adds to the beauty of the lobby. Even the rooms have such paintings and decors that deck up the place. So if you are an art lover, you’ll surely fall in love with Hotel Mercure because every wall has a tale to tell.

Safety in time of the pandemic

I think one thing that all of us are worried about is safety. I was glad and satisfied with the ALLSafe safety protocols followed at Hotel Mercure Hyderabad. From the point I entered the hotel to the room, they have reduced the touchpoints to a minimum. Sanitisers are available everywhere and everyone around you is wearing a mask. Social distancing is strictly followed by the staff.

24 hours at Mercure Hyderabad - My Perfect Staycation
ALLSafe Safety Protocol Certified.

And even the in-room dining service is enhanced with added food safety measures. The rooms are sanitized after every stay ensuring safety for every guest in the hotel. Even the TV remotes have a plastic cover that is replaced for all the new guests! I must say that Mercure Hyderabad has taken all the safety measures seriously and are following them diligently.

My Staycation Experience at Mercure Hyderabad

From the title of the post, you already know that I spent one night at Mercure Hyderabad. If you have been following (stalking) me on Instagram, you already got a glimpse into my staycation experience. If you’ve not watched it, check out the highlight on my Instagram profile.

It was a working day for me and hence I planned my day such that I can reach the hotel and continue my work. The entry process was quick with temperature check and baggage sanitization. Post that I interacted with Mr Soumitra Pahari who is the General Manager and Mr Srinivas Raju who is heading the sales. We discussed everything from the pandemic and how it affected the hospitality industry to how it allowed people to explore their passion. While the reception was busy with check-ins, I was glad mine was superfast. I sipped the special Kadha that was served as my check-in was done by the agile team.

The Suite Experience

Luckily, I was allotted the Suite that was located on the 9th floor of the property. The suite that I was put up in was a fairly spacious one with a living room and a bedroom along with a bath and 2 toilets. Both the rooms had large windows overlooking the busy city. Not only that, there’s ample daylight which means you don’t need artificial light during the day. One of the things that you will notice instantly is how well Mercure Hyderabad has managed to keep the traffic noises at bay.

My Suite at Mercure Hyderabad - A Perfect Staycation
My Suite at Mercure Hyderabad – A Perfect Staycation

The living room had all the basic amenities from water bottles to a coffee maker, electric kettle and a refrigerator along with a fairly large TV. But my favourite place in the room had to be the work desk. I don’t know why, but I feel that I’m productive at hotels than at home 😛 I quickly set up my laptop for work and connected to the fairly fast WiFi. I also had some welcome desserts with Badusha, Barfis and other Indian mithais. There were two large paintings in the room that showcases the hotel’s belief in promoting local art.

The bedroom had a large queen size bed with an attached bathroom, a large TV and a large window. The walk-in wardrobe leads to the bathroom which is fairly large. They have provided amenities like a safe, a hairdryer and an electric iron. Apart from that, they have regular toiletries. However, the thing that I was most happy to see was a bathtub. The moment I saw it, I knew the evening was going to be relaxing and calming 😉 Also, the bedside alarm-radio-speaker was lovely as I got to listen to the radio after a long time!

Amenities in the room and view from the Suite.
Amenities in the room and view from the Suite.

I spent most of the time working from my desk with the radio on in the background with an occasional walk to the table to eat those mithais or make a coffee. Dinner and breakfast were served in the room, while lunch and high tea were in the restaurant. Like I said, I’ll talk about the food in the upcoming blog post.

Gym and Spa

Apart from the plush rooms, Mercure Hyderabad has got a fairly well-equipped gym along with an equally relaxing spa. While I didn’t opt for the spa. Because if I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t be working! However, I did start my day in the gym. Located on the 12th floor, the Gym overlooks the Hussain Sagar. If you arrive early, you can catch a beautiful sunrise.

Fully equipped gym at Mercure Hyderabad.
Fully equipped gym at Mercure Hyderabad.

As the sky plays with colours, you sweat it out in the gym. When I entered the gym, there was nobody, so I stepped on one of the treadmills. It was my first time on a treadmill, so after a few initial hiccups, I was enjoying it! So much so that I walked for an hour clocking almost 5000 steps! Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day than this.

My Perfect Staycation at Mercure Hyderabad

Time flies when you are happy, and these 24 hours just vanished. My staycation at Mercure Hyderabad was a wonderful one and I couldn’t keep a track of time. Thanks to the plush and cosy rooms. (Also that wonderful work desk) The bathtub was perfect for a relaxed evening after the end of a tiring day at work. The staff was nothing sort of amazing, top-class hospitality, just what one would expect from a brand like Mercure. Everyone from the reception to the room service was extremely polite, helpful and attentive to my needs. So overall, it was a fun staycation indeed.

If you are visiting Hyderabad and don’t know where to stay, you’d want to check out Hotel Mercure for the reasons mentioned above. The property while catering to all your needs allows you to travel to almost any place in the city at ease thanks to its location. From the metro to the bus to autos and cabs, you’ll get everything around to help you move around in the city. And once you are inside, let the team Mercure pamper you with their hospitality. You can book your stay at Mercure Hyderabad for a smooth experience.

That’s all about my staycation experience at Mercure Hyderabad. There was so much food during this stay that I decided to have a separate blog post on it – the next one. Until then, let me know your thoughts about this blog post. Didn’t you just love those artworks in the hotel? Or maybe my suite? Let me know what you think in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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