Homely Ambience at Vivaha Bhojnambu
Homely Ambience at Vivaha Bhojnambu

Vivaha Bhojanambu Review – Authentic Regional Flavours

Maharaj aap toh pakka local hogaye ho” (Maharaj you’ve become a localite) is what my friend told me while I was relishing my food at Vivaha Bhojanambu restaurant. It did strike me that my taste has changed greatly ever since I moved to Hyderabad. I have fallen in love with Rasam, I love Gongura and I end most of my meals with curd rice! While I relish my comfort food that is dal chawal, but the regional flavours is something I love. And to experience authentic regional flavours, I visited Vivaha Bhojanambu a few days ago for dinner. This will be my Vivaha Bhojanambu review blog post.

I had reached out to my friend for a list of items to try. I don’t know what he did, but I had the owner the head chef visiting me as soon as we entered the restaurant. So instead of presenting the menu, they started serving us food. We got to try many things which were against our original plan. Nonetheless, the team took great care of us, Chef Yadagiri explained to us his thoughts behind the dishes, told us about this restaurant as we relished the dishes that were served.

I did my reservation from Dineout and hoped to pay the bill using it, however, things turned out different. The food was on the house and they refused to share the bill. While I don’t feel good about it, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind gesture. Nonetheless, like all my food reviews, Vivaha Bhojanambu review is going to be honest and based on my experience.

Homely ambience inspired from the movie

Located in the plush locality of Jubilee Hills, Vivaha Bhojanambu is located right next to AnTeRa Kitchen and Bar. There was also an outlet of Giani’s that I had visited during the launch, however that has been replaced with another ice cream outlet. The place is easy to spot, has a limited parking space but thanks to the valet service.

The restaurant greets you with a large mural inspired by a movie. There is a little waiting area and a cash counter. You then move to the dining area which is laid out nicely. There are partitions that separate the restaurant into sections. The decor is minimal and simple. There are witty captions in Tenglish (Telugu in English) all over the restaurant. Vivaha Bhojanambu doesn’t provide a plate but banana leaves to eat on. Overall, the place is small but perfect for a family outing on a day when you are craving regional flavours.

Homely Ambience at Vivaha Bhojnambu
Homely Ambience at Vivaha Bhojnambu

Regional Flavours – Vivaha Bhojanambu Review

Like I said we were served a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. While my friend relished the non-vegetarian stuff, I focused on the vegetarian items. We were served a bottle of Goli Soda. I first thought it was a regular packaged one, but this one is made in house. Without any preservatives, all-natural, this Goli soda had a different, refreshing taste. This was followed by a glass of Rajamundry Rose Milk which had a good consistency and flavour. A good way to start the meal.

For starters, there was a variety of them. We started with Konaseema Paneer Vepudu, Palavelli Mushroom Vepudu, Spicy Corn Rolls and veg sticks. Konaseema Paneer Vepudu was outstanding. It was a version of Ghee Roast Paneer that I’ve had. It looked fiery but it was rich in flavours and I totally loved it. I highly recommend trying it. Mushroom Vepudu was ok, not one of the greatest I’ve had. The Spicy Corn Rolls weren’t spicy, BUT it was nicely done. It was crunchy on the outside and moist inside with subtle flavours. Veg Sticks again could be given a miss.

Starters and drinks. Konaseema Paneer Vepudu is a must try.
Starters and drinks. Konaseema Paneer Vepudu is a must try.

Moving to the mains, I was served Methikura Paneer along with a roti basket. I expected it to be a green gravy, assuming they would use Methi paste. But it actually had methi leaves! While it did spoil the mouthfeel a little, I liked the preparation. Together with a Malabar Paratha or maybe an Appam, this would be good. I was also served my favourite Gutti Vankaya Pulao. The last time I had this one was at Telangana Spice Kitchen that I absolutely loved.

The visible difference that I could see was that this one was made with a green Brinjal and one at TSK was done with the regular Brinjal. Nonetheless, this was extremely flavoursome and I highly recommend it. Have it with raita or Salan and your tastebuds will thank you!

Post that I also had white rice with Pappucharu. Steaming hot rice served with pappu (dal) along with Gongura pickle and ghee. It was pretty good, the combination of ghee, rice, pappu and pickle is a common combination here. They also made me try some podis (dry chutney powder) Gaddi Nuvula Podi and Avisala Podi – along with white rice and ghee. This was again rich in flavour and healthy too. I was told by Chef Yadagiri that these podis have calming effects on the body and aid in digestion.

Mains & Desserts at Vivaha Bhonjnambu
Mains & Desserts at Vivaha Bhonjnambu

Lastly, for desserts, we had their three classic and top-selling desserts. Sitaphal Rabdi (custard apple rabdi, seasonal), Jamun Delight and Junnu. I’ve not tasted Sithapal in a long time, but this rabdi, I must say was so good. They didn’t overdo the khova that would dilute the Sitaphal flavour. A must try again. Jamun Delight was another classic that is a hot seller here. It was layered and every layer had a refreshing taste. The last item is Junnu, a local delicacy. To know more about Junnu, check out my Instagram post.

Final Verdict: I’m going back again

It was a delicious dinner, no doubts about it. While I didn’t expect the hospitality and the attention along with the wavering of the bill, I thoroughly loved the food. Like my friend said that I’ve become a localite, I can say that few things were simply amazing here, like the Paneer Konaseema Vepudu, Spicy Corn Rolls and Guthivankaya Pulao. I’ll surely come back for these and the Goli Soda along with the Sitaphal Rabri. They serve a scrumptious thali for lunch, which again I’ll plan to try someday and update this Vivaha Bhojanambu review blog post. Overall, I had a great time here. Thanks to everyone who ensured that I had a good time.

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