Delicious Gujarati Thali Price at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad
Delicious authentic Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad

Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad – Eating authentic Gujarati Thali – Review

Being a blogger, I’ll admit that I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to experience different cultures. All thanks to travelling that I’ve had the thali at Kesar Da Dhaba in Amritsar, a scrumptious meal at Subbaya Gari and a heartful Gujarati thali at Agashiye. Amongst all of the various cuisines that I’ve had, Gujarati food is something that I absolutely love. Recently during my trip to Gujarat, I revisited Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad after 2 decades! And in this blog post, I’ll share my review of delicious Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad.

My first visit to Gordhan Thal – early 2000s

For all of you who don’t know, I’ve spent my childhood days in Gujarat – predominantly in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. It was during one of the office outings from my dad’s office, we had visited Gordhan Thal. Back in the day, Sarkhej Highway and those areas were well outside the city limits. Gordhan Thal was the only restaurant in the entire vicinity. I remember there was Iskcon temple, Rajpath Club, Gurudwara and Zydus towers.

I faintly remember entering the restaurant that was booked by dad’s office. Hand wash was bought to our tables and a huge thali with lots of tiny bowls in it. While I don’t remember much of what I ate back then, I do remember having loads of Gujarati Kadhi & Basundi.

It was in December 2021, I got a chance to visit Gordhan Thali once again. While driving from my hotel in Gandhinagar to Gordhan Thal, memories of my last dinner at the restaurant kept coming as I passed by the towering buildings, massive flyovers and underpasses.

Beautiful Ambiance at Gordhan Thal

I was here for lunch along with my friend. The restaurant was bustling with people. The packed parking lot meant Gordhan Thal is still quite popular. They have placed a few chairs and ‘khats‘ (wooden cots) on the outside for people to wait or relax after a scrumptious meal. Once inside, we were greeted with an idol of Lord Krishna in the waiting area.

Ambience at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad
Ambience at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad

The restaurant was jam-packed, but the good part was that people were in and out of the restaurant quickly so the waiting time was relatively less. The dining area is spacious but the crowd will make you feel otherwise. The interiors are nicely done with a lot of local and folk elements. Lots of art on the walls. The music and the hospitality just add to the overall dining experience.

Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad Review

The restaurant serves just one thing – Gujarati Thali. And they are pretty good at it. Priced at Rs 350 all incl, this has got to be the most affordable and authentic Gujarati Thali I’ve had in Ahmedabad. The Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal has a rotating menu so you’ll have something new every day. There are more than 20 items on the menu including starters, mains and desserts.

On the day we visited, we had Corn Basket, Spring Roll & Dhokla as starters. Mix Veg., Potato curry, Cauliflower curry along with a local beans curry. This was in addition to the regular items like Roti, Poori, Rice, Dal, Kadhi, Papa, Kachumbar and other accompaniments.

We took our tables and the servers started bringing in the items. While we admired the beauty of the place, our plates were full of food. For me, it was a deja vu moment, albeit after 2 decades. The place was still very much the same and the food variety too.

Delicious Gujarati Thali Price at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad
Delicious authentic Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal Ahmedabad

I quickly pounced on to the Dhokla as that’s one of my favourites Gujarati farsan. The corn basket was also pretty good. Even though there were so many curries and dal on my thali, I decided to dig into the Gujarati Kadhi and Sweet Dalmy favourites. I had a lot of rotis along with dal and Kadhi and my tastebuds couldn’t thank me more.

We also had an unlimited supply of the Kutchi Beer – Chaas – and it was simply superb. Instead of water, I gulped glasses of these. To end the meal, we had some wholesome, ghee laden and delicious Moong Dal Halwa. I’ve had so many of them, but this was surely one of the best.

Overall, the food was pretty good, flavours were authentic and spices weren’t too hot. Just what you’d expect from an authentic Gujarati Thali.

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Final Verdict: Gordhan Thal is a must-visit

Even though I was visiting the place after 2 decades, it felt like I was here just yesterday. Nothing much has changed apart from the exteriors and the people. The food is still as delicious as I could remember. Everything on the thali was rich in flavours and had an authentic taste. Priced at Rs 350, this surely is one of the most affordable and authentic Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad.

The good part is that they accept all forms of payment modes. In terms of safety measures, they are doing fine, just that there are a lot of people! If I’m going to Ahmedabad ever again, I’d surely treat myself with an authentic Gujarati Thali at Gordhan Thal. Also, it’s not only me, Gordhan Thal is a local favourite too!

Have you ever been to Gordhan Thal? If not, you must try it. Let me know your thoughts about Gordhan Thal in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. Gordhan Thal is our go to meal place especially when we have out of state guests. And it is instantly a hit with the variety of food and the flavours. Nice post!

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