Zomato Pro Plus Membership Review Atulmaharaj
Zomato Pro Plus Membership Review

I got invited to Zomato Pro Plus Membership – My Honest Review

The food delivery landscape was a crowded space a few years ago. We had the biggies Uber Eats, Food Panda, Zomato, Swiggy along with other smaller players. However, in the last few years, it’s been a duopoly (Maharaj is a business graduate). Zomato and Swiggy are the only players and the battle is always on between the two. Zomato announced Zomato Pro, Swiggy pitched in Swiggy Super so on and so forth.

Around August last year, Zomato had announced the upgraded Zomato Pro Plus membership. However, the Zomato Pro Plus is invite-only. So it wasn’t something that was available for everyone. I don’t know on what basis the invites are being rolled out but I got invited to Zomato Pro Plus membership. But is it worth it, let’s talk about it?

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The Good Old Zomato Pro

I got a notification a few weeks ago to join the membership offer. I quickly grabbed it considering I order food quite often. One thing to note is this membership is only available to existing Zomato Pro members. You cannot just buy a pro membership right now and get the pro plus membership. Hence, you need to be a Zomato Pro customer before being eligible for a Zomato Pro Plus membership.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Review Atulmaharaj
Zomato Pro Plus Membership Review

I’ve been a Zomato Pro member for quite a long time – maybe 3 to 4 years. Frankly, I’ve liked the membership. The dine-in offers are decent but I truly loved when it come to deliveries. Apart from the additional offers, the Zomato pro offers are pretty good. Since I order quite often, the offers are pretty good and help me save some bucks every time I order.

Now that Zomato Pro Membership was good, what’s special with the Zomato Pro Plus membership?

Is Zomato Pro Plus Membership worth?

It took some time before I actually got the membership. One thing to note is that the Zomato Pro Plus membership is priced at Rs 200. This is a one-time payment and the benefits are added to your existing Zomato Pro membership. Whether it’s worth it or not, let me mention the benefits of Zomato Pro Plus membership.

Benefits of Zomato Pro Plus Membership:

  • Free Delivery on all orders irrespective of order value.
  • No distance fee at all on any order irrespective of how far the restaurant is.
  • Even during rains or rush hours, no surge fee is applied.

Frankly, I like the membership. I’ve ordered a couple of times from restaurants where this is applicable. Not all restaurants have Zomato Pro but the Free delivery using the Zomato Pro Plus membership is applicable to all the restaurants. Moreover, if you also have any coupons available, you can club them for better deals.

Here’s one of the scenarios: The total bill was 700 for a dinner I ordered from a restaurant about 4 km from my place. The regular delivery charges were Rs 26, which was waived off due to the membership. Since this was a Pro restaurant, I got 20% extra off – Rs 112 – since the order value was over Rs 500. I also applied for a coupon that gave me a further discount of Rs 140. So adding all of it, I saved a total of Rs 278 which is quite amazing! Below is a snapshot of one of the orders I placed recently.

Actual Bill after using Zomato Pro Plus Membership
Actual Bill after using Zomato Pro Plus Membership offer

Considering an order every week with a delivery fee of Rs 30 on average, one can recover the cost of the membership in just over a month. Hence, it’s helpful for people who order quite often. As one of the users pointed out to me on Twitter, this seems to be a better deal than Swiggy One as that is not applicable to all restaurants and the minimum order needs to be Rs 199. But with Zomato Pro Plus membership, there are no strings attached.

Zomato Pro Plus FAQs

I’m sure that there would be a lot of people using Zomato for ordering food. I had talked about the benefits of Zomato Gold (now Pro) in one of my earlier blog posts. Zomato Pro is good for people who dine out often and also order food. There are quite a few restaurants that have Pro offers. With Pro Plus you get the additional benefits of Free delivery and No Surge fee over and above other offers. So based on my understanding, below are some Frequently Asked Questions that you might have. I’ve tried to answer them to the best of my understanding and usage experience.

What are the benefits of Zomato Pro Plus Membership?

It is an ‘invite-only’ upgrade of Zomato Pro. No delivery charges, no surge fees. All these benefits are over and above the existing Zomato Pro memberships.

How can I become eligible for Zomato Pro Plus?

Currently, Zomato Pro Plus is an invite-only membership program. If you’re an existing Pro member like me, you should see the option on the Zomato app. If you don’t see it, you aren’t eligible as yet.

Restrictions on Zomato Pro Plus

While the free delivery option is valid on all deliveries, some restaurants might have some minimum order value too. So keep a check on it.

Can I add other coupons while using Zomato Pro Plus?

Yes! You can apply other coupons and deals along with your membership benefits. Be it the payment offers or other offers that Zomato provides via coupon codes. I in fact saved Rs 278 on an order of Rs 700 after clubbing all the offers in that single order.

Final Thoughts

It’s been more than a week I’ve subscribed to this membership. For a person like me who orders at least once a week, the Zomato Pro Plus plan is quite good. Based on the distance of the restaurant from your place, you can save up to Rs 30-40 at least per delivery. As for the restaurant’s minimum order, you can’t do much. While I do understand that the prices are inflated on the Zomato app when compared to the actual menu at restaurants, this plan is a good deal if you can’t go and pick it up yourself and also order quite often.

Are you on Zomato Pro Plus as well? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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