Twitter - the new Customer Care
Twitter - the new Customer Care

6 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips To Elevate Your Online Business

Social media has completely changed the way of doing business. Nowadays, both new and established brands use social media as an effective marketing tool. Brands use social media to increase their follower base, generate leads, acquire new customers, and increase sales. An effective social media marketing strategy is crucial for creating a successful brand.

Still confused, what is Social Media Marketing, and how does it work? Let’s see

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing in which marketers use different social media platforms as marketing tools. With over 4 billion social media users, social media has a global penetration of around 57%. It means more than half of the world’s population is active on the internet. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn to Pinterest, there are several platforms, some of them country-specific, like Weibo and WeChat. Due to this, Global brands focus more on Social Media Marketing and have specific teams looking for it region-wise. According to Statista, companies around the globe spend about 154 billion USD only on social media advertisements. 

Why Social Media Marketing

That’s an excellent question, and its answer can already be understood from the fact that more than half of the entire earth is active on social media. Besides, according to a study of Sprout Social, 89% of people prefer to buy from brands that they follow on social media. Moreover, the study also says that marketers hadn’t tapped social data to its fullest extent. So, customers are out there, and brands need an effective social media marketing strategy to grow to the fullest. 

Social media marketing can help a brand in 

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Developing and cementing customer relationships.
  • Driving traffic and sales through social platforms. 

Who needs social media marketing

While social media marketing can help any business grow, some platforms are better than others according to business types. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are predominantly used for catering to B2C customers. Similarly, businesses supplying services and products to other companies focus on LinkedIn more. In social media marketing, apart from the platform, another factor that drives sales is audience preference. A brand must know its ideal audience and what they like to consume. 

Creating effective social media marketing tactics can sometimes be challenging, so here are 7 effective social media marketing tips to elevate your online business.

Create goals and objectives

Having a mere presence on social media is not enough because every brand follows this tip religiously. Goals and objectives are crucial to improving the success of any strategy. These goals and objectives help measure the success or failure of any marketing campaign. 

So, what any business needs is a SMART goal that must be specific, measurable, attainable, suitable, and time-bound. Moreover, the marketing strategy goals must be aligned with the business goals. A SMART goal should be like this: 

  • Increasing organic traffic to the website from social media by 20% in the next six months. 


  • Increasing the follower base on Instagram by 200 through the next paid ad campaign. 
Twitter - the new Customer Care
Twitter – the new Customer Care

Identify the target audience

Once the goal is clear, it’s time to get a rough idea about the audience. Aligning the social media marketing strategy around the audience is a must. Once this information becomes clear, it helps to understand who is buying and their interaction with the brand. 

Once the brand becomes aware of the target audience, it focuses on the most active platforms.

For example, if the brand belongs to the fashion industry, its ideal customers would be the young population. To target young people, there is no better platform than Instagram. 

Focus on the right platform

Each brand has its ideal customer, and each platform has its perfect audience. For new brands, it’s not possible to roll out marketing programs on every social media platform simultaneously.

In online marketing, the major business-centric platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn; apart from these, brands can also work on Pinterest and YouTube. However, each platform is unique in terms of content reach. For example, Twitter is best for sharing information by the upper hierarchy of the company. Similarly, LinkedIn outperforms every other channel for targeting decision-makers. Facebook and Instagram are great tools when it comes to visual storytelling. 

Use Visuals to tell a story

Text posts are the traditional way to share information and are considered boring nowadays. These days, infographics and videos are preferred by most marketers. Apart from increasing engagement, videos and infographics are a great way to consume information in a single frame. Videos can be made by using an online video editor for all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Online Video Editor - Windows Movie Maker Alternative
Creating content

All these social media platforms come with different video formats and resolutions, and it can be quite a task to keep all the measurements in mind. In such a scenario, these easy-to-use online tools save time in fusing the content ideas and thoughts into videos for businesses quite easily. This allows one to think more about content and deliverables rather than spending time to learn, create and edit the video.  

Create a social media content calendar

Instead of posting randomly, create a calendar as per the brand audience and their activity. Content calendars help smooth social media operation, effective allocation of resources, and in-depth understanding of how things work on social media. 

Monitor trends and do promotions

Social media is a dynamic space where trends change frequently. Moreover, social media platforms also regularly change their algorithms and posting rules. A good marketer always keeps himself up to date with ongoing trends and ever-changing rules of social media. This helps in standing out from the competition. 

Once a brand establishes itself over its competitors, the only work needed to hold the position. It could be done using promotions; advertisements can boost a brand’s reach. Moreover, it can also help increase the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns. With targeted ads, marketers can also micro-target the audience. With paid ad campaigns, marketing managers can increase website traffic and convert qualified leads into sales. 


Trends on social media change pretty quickly, and there is no universal strategy that always works. Launching a perfect social media campaign comes from a high learning curve, which gets better with time. So, it doesn’t matter whether a brand is just launched or has millions of followers. Every brand needs regular activity on its social media channels to be relevant.

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