Choicest of mains at LOTD Hyderabad
Choicest of main course dishes

Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad – New Party Destination?

The party scene in Hyderabad is growing and at what pace? Road number 45, Jubilee Hills is at the hub of all of this. Most new breweries and pubs find their address here. So when Lord Of The Drinks decided to set store in Hyderabad, they chose the same area.

Maharaj was invited to the launch party a couple of days back and this blog post is about the first look of Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad. Please note that since I was invited to the pre-launch event, we had an assortment of dishes on offer without the pricing. Hence, I’ll update that once I visit the place again after it opens on April 21.

Update April 2024: I’ve been to Lord of The Drinks in Hyderabad multiple times now as a paid customer as well and I’ll admit the place is pretty good. From the party vibes to the food, everything has been spot-on all the time. My favourite here has been the Palak Burrata surprisingly. Do read my complete review to know more.

Captivating Surroundings That Set The Tone

If you’ve been to Rd 45, Jubilee Hills, you already know that most of the breweries and restaurants in the city are located here. The likes of Prost, Broadway, Forge Brew Hous, and others are located here. Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad too is located in the same vicinity.

Though it hasn’t got a grand entrance like other places, it surely has captivating surroundings that set the tone for your visit. Located on the first floor, the place is quite spacious. The pop of red along with the lighting and wall decors, just add to the vibes of the place. The bar counter is located right in the middle and this is where all the action takes place. The DJ station and a small dance floor are right here.

Captivating surroundings at LOTD Hyderabad
Captivating surroundings and ambience

If you want to stay away from this, you’ve multiple seating options. You can choose to sit on the upper floor with comfortable seating or sit in the outdoor gallery amidst greenery. The outdoor seating is quite a vibe at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad. If the weather doesn’t play a spoilsport, it’s the place where I’d want to spend time. Cozy seating options with a bar counter to quench your thirst.

Overall, loved the ambiance. The lighting could have been a tad brighter but that’s only if I have to nitpick, otherwise a good place.

Savoring the Food at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad

As one of the food bloggers in Hyderabad, I was invited to the pre-launch event, I had the opportunity to experience the mouthwatering cuisine of this highly-anticipated establishment firsthand. Let me take you on a culinary journey and share my thoughts on the delectable dishes that I had the pleasure of savoring at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad.

Refreshing drinks for Tipplers & Teetotalers

Who will have the drinks if not Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad? We had an array of drinks to try which included refreshing takes for tipplers and teetotalers. There were fancy-looking drinks for tipplers that most of them loved. One particular alcoholic drink that I liked from the looks was Popcorn-tini. It was served in a nice way with caramelized popcorn tagged to the glass.

Fancy drinks at Lord Of The Drinks, Hyderabad
Fancy cocktails and mocktails

For teetotalers like me, I enjoyed their in-house grape and soda drink which was refreshing. Apart from that, there were standard drinks like Mojitos, Watermelons, Lemon based, etc. I suggest asking the bartender to mix something and serve when it comes to mocktails. There are also hot drinks available if you want.

Delicious Small Plates

We started the evening with some small plates coming our way. There were quite a few dishes for everyone – vegetarians and non-vegetarians. While my meat-eating friends relish crab rolls, rogan josh, mutton, and chicken dishes, food for vegetarians was good too.

My favorite was the Paneer Tikka Pate which was a nice start with a toast that was topped with Paneer-based tangy sauce with tomatoes and onions. This is a must-try. Apart from this, Coriander Cheese Paneer was nice. Slices of paneer stuffed with mint/coriander chutney wrapped in a crunch top layer.

Small plates at Lord Of The Drinks, Hyderabad
Delicious small plates

There were Cream Cheese Dumplings which were nice but not something that I enjoyed much. The dish that I was looking forward to was the Rajma Chawal Croquettes. But it was a letdown as it lacked the Rajma Chawal flavor itself. I hope the chefs take note of this and make it a little punchier.

Comforting Mains

After the small plates, it was time to try the mains. I was full by the time we got the mains served. Hence I didn’t try many things. The two vegetarian dishes that I got were the Charred Cottage Cheese Bowl along with Bhindi Bazaar Pav Bhaji. I became a fan of charred cottage cheese bowl. It had big slices of Paneer served with barley salad along with stir-fried veggies. A must-try.

Pav Bhaji on the other hand looked good but could be better when it came to flavors. Apart from that there were Biryani and other desi mains that one could try too. Since I was already full, I didn’t eat anything else.

Choicest of mains at LOTD Hyderabad
Choicest of main course dishes

There are desserts as well, but again I didn’t try and hence cannot talk about them here. Overall the experience of savoring the food and drinks at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad was good. From the scrumptious dishes bursting with flavors to the carefully crafted cocktails & mocktails that delighted the senses, it was a gastronomic adventure that left a lasting impression.

Good first experience at Lord Of The Drinks

My first experience at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad was pretty good. From the warm hospitality and stylish ambiance to the delectable food and creative drinks, it was truly a journey to remember. The impeccable service and attention to detail left a lasting impression, and I’m eagerly looking forward to my next visit.

Whether you’re a foodie or a cocktail enthusiast, Lord Of The Drinks is definitely worth checking out for an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving for more. Cheers to good times and great flavors at Lord Of The Drinks Hyderabad!

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