Paris ISIS Attacks
Paris ISIS Attacks

French did what we Indians couldn’t – Paris ISIS attacks

#PrayForParis is trending everywhere ever since the gruesome attack that rocked the fashion capital of Paris. The deadly terror attack that killed over 100 people and left the entire nation in a state of shock was the deep-laid plan of the terror outfit ISIS. The highly coordinated attack took place simultaneously at 6 places in Paris including a stadium, restaurant and a popular concert hall. Within minutes it was raining bullets as innocents lost their lives. So out of the 8 gunmen that attacked Paris 7 blew up themselves while one was killed by the police.This attack was quite similar to the deathly attacks that rocked Mumbai on 26/11. A dark day in Indian history as the iconic Taj Mahal, Trident hotel and Nariman Point were under attack with many taken hostage. The ever bustling Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus turned into a stockpile of dead bodies in pool of blood. Out of the 10 terrorists that bought down the City of dreams, the Mumbai police bravely managed to grab one of the terrorists alive.

Paris ISIS Attacks
Paris ISIS Attacks

The attacks were quite similar in nature – the way the attacks were carried out, the target places that were attacked. But the way both the nations handled the aftermath of the attack was poles apart and thus this post French did what we Indians couldn’t. The important aspect here is that that Paris police were well equipped as compared to their Indian counterpart who were still using the old double barrel guns. Further the French were quite swift in bringing in the Army and special forces unlike India which took overnight to get in the National Security Guards – NSG Commandos from Delhi.

Taj under siege. Courtesy:
Taj under siege. Courtesy:

India having captured the lone terrorist alive went by the old Sanskrit saying “Atithi Devo Bhav” and took great care of the visitor by providing state of the art facilities in jail along with some lip-smacking chicken for dinner. The police did manage to get some substantial information about how they entered India, how and where they were trained and who took care of the logistics and with this it was clear that the terror outfit is breeding in the neighboring country of Pakistan. But in the end, they were not able to get hold of the masterminds behind the attacks and also decided to execute the lone terrorist after spending crores of rupees in keeping him alive. So it was pretty clear in the beginning itself that he would die someday, but not before the government spent a fortune.

Paris ISIS Attack at Bataclan. Courtesy:
Paris ISIS Attack at Bataclan. Courtesy:

Let’s see how the French <del>dealt</del> is dealing with the aftermath. The police ensured that all the 8 terrorists were killed and kept the siege down to a shorter duration and contain the damage. Further the President himself came out hard and took a pledge to punish the people behind the attacks and asked the global leaders to join him in doing so. Overnight, the French air force bombarded the city of Raqqa – the ISIS stronghold and did massive damage. The ISIS moments later released a video warning France and other nations that would join France with dire consequences with directly targeting Washington DC. But this didn’t stop the French, simultaneous raids carried out in neighboring countries of Belgium and Germany helped the French army with key clues related to how the attacks were carried out. Soon the French carried out another round of attacks and today noon [18/11/2015 IST] news came that the police carried out several raids and reportedly killed a couple of terrorists and arrested many suspected.

So you see the difference here right ? Though I would say that the French were too rapid in their decision to attack the ISIS, as their decision was driven by feelings ; they eventually swung into action and bombarded the ISIS causing severe damage. On the other hand the Indians who managed to catch a terrorist alive, fed him royally and finally hanged him while the actual masterminds of the attacks are roaming free and fearless.

I feel that the French did the right thing even though they were aware of the serious consequences they could face by attacking ISIS. But the attacks have surely sent out a strong message that anyone who attacks France will not be let off easily and will face dire consequences because of which anyone planning an attack on France will have to rethink.

Rester Fort Paris, Nous Sommes avec Toi ! Vive La France !

Stay Strong Paris, we are with you ! Long live France !

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  1. Capturing Kasab was the right thing. You never know what kind of information can be gathered at that time. Regarding the recent raids, there’s a big difference. The French are carrying out these raids inside France. I imagine it would be harder for Indian special forces to barge into Pakistan and leave without causing problems.

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