Tasty Walnut Brownie Ice Cream Roll at Frozen Factory
Tasty Walnut Brownie Ice Cream Roll at Frozen Factory

Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert ? How an advertisement changed my mind

Advertisements in India are seeing a change, change for good. The advertisements now days are more sensible, realistic and always trying to do something innovative. From try to break the stereotypes to addressing social taboos, advertisements have surely come a long way. Long back, I wrote about a couple of advertisements that touched me. One of them was the OLX – Aadhe Tere, Aadhe Mere advert. This ad was about a newly married couple, when one fine day the girl says she felt more independent before marriage. And that’s when the guy decides to sell his car for 2 cars so that his wifey was free to roam !

Affect or Effect of Advertisement ?

Another advertisement that touched my heart was by Nivea. The advert shows a young kid who is in a hurry to go and play while his mother is applying the product. Along with that she is also giving him instructions, during which she says that she won’t always be there for me. There’s silence and the boy is spellbound, he feels that his mom was going forever. Beautiful. So you see how advertisements have changed over the year ?  Have any favorite advertisements ? Mention in the comments below !

Now coming to their impact, not many adverts have had any considerable effect on me. I can surely say that I haven’t made any purchasing decision solely based on any advertisement. There has always been thorough research involved before making any purchases. However one of the recent advertisement from Amul, has changed my mind about ice creams.

For all of you who don’t know, Amul come up with an advertisement where it shows the consumers a difference between an ice cream and frozen dessert. (I’m pretty sure you didn’t have much idea about it either !) Anyways according to the advertisement, frozen desserts are made from vegetable oil while ice creams are made from milk. That’s a huge difference ! Well that advert has surely made things hot rather than cool in the ice cream genre. The advert has started a legal battle between Amul and Hindustan Unilever Limited(HUL) who says that the advertisement is defaming the frozen dessert segment. More details here. The case is still on and HUL apparently has even had a rebuttal advert claiming that its frozen dessert line up is made from milk too.

Ice cream or Frozen Dessert ? Image Courtesy: Inn-live
Ice cream or Frozen Dessert ? Image Courtesy: Inn-live

Effect of an advertisement – Ice Cream or Frozen Dessert ?

Well I don’t know how much that ad will affect you, but it has already starting show its effect on me. I’ve observed that since the time I saw the ad, I spend more time reading the ingredients before buying an ice cream. Yes ! I do more of a “comparison” between Brand A and Brand B. So if it’s a Frozen Dessert, I’m likely it put it aside. Even though the companies claim that there’s not much difference in frozen dessert and ice cream, I’m still not convinced to by a frozen dessert. Further, I’m currently doing my ‘research’ in identifying the real difference that will help me choose one of them. But as of now, if it’s a frozen dessert, then it’s not getting in my basket !

What do you say ? I’m sure many of you would have a different view on this one. Which on would you prefer – a frozen dessert or ice cream ? Share your views in the comments below or tweet to me at @atulmaharaj

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  1. Hi Atul great post .My favourite ad is the Silk ad and the Vidya Balan ad on villge washroom .Luckily I was aware about ice cream and frozen dessert thing and only eat Amul or fresh fruit gelato at mamma mia .Otherwise I avoid all frozen desserts as they give a strange aftertaste .You can try comparing two brands by having 1 spoonfull of each with gaps of 10 minutes when you munch on cucumber or some other palate cleanser .There really is no comparison between the taste.

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