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Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi
Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi

Make Alexa Your Friend with #MyFriendAlexa Campaign by Blogchatter

Blogging is a hobby for some and a rozi-roti for others. Irrespective of what it means to you, if you are a blogger, I’m sure you are putting in a 100% effort. Be it coming up with creative ideas, stories for the post. Or be it spreading the word about your post through social media. I’m on the same boat and trust me it doesn’t get tougher than this. Especially with a full-time job along with this blog, it’s in human ! Anyways, when you put so much of effort in something, you surely want to measure the outcome of your efforts. Are your efforts going in vain or are doing wonders ? How do you exactly know about this ?

Well there are dozens of metrics around and every metric is different from one another. And then there are people who want a particular metric of yours to be a specific number. Now with tons of metrics around, you cannot always ensure you get good numbers in all of them, right ? So what are some of the most common metrics that you should ideally focus on ? Acccording to me you should focus primarily on Domain & Page Authority, Alexa Ranking and Visitor stats (Google Analytics or your server stats) Now that you have an idea of what metrics to focus on, the next question would be how to improve these numbers ? Improving any number takes a lot of effort especially the domain/page authority. However there is one number that you can significantly improve in a matter of just one month ! Yes, you read it, one month and you will see your blog sky-rocket !

Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa

I’ve always told that blogging isn’t just about individual, it’s a community effort. You don’t only write, but you read also. That’s the mantra what Blogchatter takes very seriously in their annual #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Blogchatter for those of you who don’t know, organises India’s First Twitter Chat for bloggers every Wednesday at 8:30 PM. You can track the conversations on #BlogChatter. They’ve been helping bloggers – big and small – realise their true potential and take their blogs to the next level. In an effort to do that, BlogChatter has started this annual event called #MyFriendAlexa

5 reasons Why your Alexa Rank wend down
5 reasons Why your Alexa Rank wend down

I’ve been a part of two previous editions of #MyFriendAlexa and trust me the magnitude of the fall in your Alexa rankings is simply superb. You may have a 8 ranking Alexa rank at the start of the event. But by the time you end it, you might have a 5 digit rank ! Be it the global rank or India rank, you’ll significantly improve the rankings. The thumb rule is all about reading and commenting. You tend to post atleast 2 posts per week for a month. Along side that you receive a list of posts by other bloggers too. You need to visit their posts, comment on it and share the same on Twitter. With this you not only help others get a better rank, you also learn about something new (and meet new people)

If you are looking to improve your ranks along with meeting some amazing souls in the blogging world, #MyFriendAlexa is the campaign you should be a part of. The team at BlogChatter – Richa & Vikas (an amazing couple) along with their team – are doing great work for bloggers in India. I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the regular chats and the campaigns. However due to my tight schedule at work, I won’t be participating in the event this year 🙁 But you should definitely go out there and register on their website here and take your blog to the next level. To learn more about the event tweet to @BlogChatter or @Atulmaharaj 🙂

All The Best !

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