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Ohri's Sahib's Barbeque Review
Ohri's Sahib's Barbeque Review

Feel and Eat like a Sahib – Sahib’s Barbeque Review

Sahib’s Barbeque is one place that I’ve been longing to visit ever since it opened. Their initial location was next to Trident in Hi Tech City but some time back they moved to Cyber Grub right opposite to mind space. Most of my friends had been there and I had got some great review too. Blame it to my work, traffic the place where I stay, Sahib’s Barbeque was more often than not off the list. However, yesterday was a rest day and I along with my family was in that area for some shopping. I thought that would be the best possible time to visit Sahib’s Barbeque else it’s too far from my place.

I did connect with Mr. Ram Kishan, my friend from Ohri’s Jiva Imperia who helped me with the reservations and coordinated the entire dinner. Thus, Saturday dinner was to feel and eat like a Sahib and this is post is Sahib’s Barbeque Review.

Sahib’s Barbeque Review

Royal Ambiance with good music

The restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Cyber Grub – the building right opposite to Mindspace, and the one that has Karachi Bakery on the ground floor. It was quite easy to locate the restaurant. The lift directly opens inside the restaurant and you are greeted with some ads and photos. Since I already had the bookings done, it was quite easy. Further, I was the first one to reach the restaurant. Mr. Manas who is the manager there was prompt to arrange everything. He along with Captain Ramu were attending us and it was quite a delightful experience.

Royal ambiance at Sahib's Barbeque
Royal ambiance at Sahib’s Barbeque

The ambiance is amazing and you see warrior statues all over the place. The restaurant is relatively small and dark but the dining area and the buffet areas are brightly lit. The cutlery closely resembles the one at Ohri’s Tansen and I was quick to note that. Sahib’s Barbeque as the name suggests is all about grill and Barbeques. The restaurant is competing with the likes of Absolute Barbeque and Barbeque Nation. Serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian items, the restaurant had a wide variety of items on offer. The music is slightly loud and not subtle like the one at Ohris Tansen. Overall, the ambiance is good and lively.

Sahib’s Barbeque Buffet Review

Starters – pretty good vegetarian starters

Like the other Barbeque restaurants, Sahib’s Barbeque serves some starter on the grill while others are served directly to your table. Since I’m a pure vegetarian, all the dishes you will find on the post are vegetarian. For starters, we were first served with some parcel type of dish which was a close relative of the samosa. Hot and crispy with onions inside it. Later we were served Soyabean and Peas Kebab. This was one of the variation of Hara Bhara Kebab and the chef did quite a good job with the flavors. Next came the Mustard Potato sticks, the Indianised version of the famous chilly potato. Even though I don’t eat potatoes, I did taste 1-2 sticks and they were delicious.

Delicious Starters at Sahib's Barbeque
Delicious Starters at Sahib’s Barbeque

Next came the stir fried vegetables from the live counter. Baby Corn, Bell peppers and broccoli tossed in oriental sauce spiced to perfection. How could I forget the Crispy Corn. Those were there too and were actually crispy and tasty. During this time, the grill was made ready and slowly and steadily the items took their spots on the grill. First came the Paneer Malai Kebab, Mushrooms, Pineapples and Makkai Seekh Kebab along with Achari Aloo. The Paneer Malai was delicious. It was well grilled already and was cooked to perfection. The marinate had a blast of flavors and the charcoal taste took it to another level. You must try this. Next I tried the Mushrooms and they were quite in line with the other restaurants. The Makkai Seekh Kebab was outstanding. Though overloaded with cardamom, I like the soft texture and the flavours. Just the way I like it.

Overall, all the starters we had were delicious and cooked to our taste. So full marks to Sahib’s Barbeque for this. I won’t be wrong in saying that these people have starters that can surely give Absolute Barbeque and Barbeque Nation a run for their money. I’m also sure that the non vegetarian starters would also be delicious.

Main Course – Variety meets Taste test

There are a lot items available for main course. For starters we have a couple of salads and sprouts along with the regular papad and pickles There was Rara Paneer, Beans Carrot Poriyal, Subz Nazakat, Baigan Bagharwale, Makhmali Kofta, Tamatar Dal, Dal Makhni, Veg Pulao, Akbari Khichdi and Steamed Rice for vegetarians. On the non vegetarian side, there was Zaffran Gosht Biryani, Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani, Gosht Lazeez, Dum Methi Murg and Haleem. Frankly I was already full after eating the starters and didn’t have much space in my tummy to eat the main course. However, I did taste each of the dishes.

Average Main Course at Sahib's Barbeque
Average Main Course at Sahib’s Barbeque

Starting with my favorite, Dal Makhni had the flavors but lacked the Makhni Punch. I’ve had much better Dal Makhni at other places. Subz Nazakat was a mixed vegetable preparation with roasted papad and was average. The Kofta were good on taste, but I’m generally not a fan of shahi / white gravies. Baigan Bagharwale was as expected, slightly on the spicier side but tasty. Tamatar Dal was very good and I’d recommend you to have it with the steamed rice.

Lastly, my biggest expectation and the disappointment was the Rara Paneer. Firstly, I don’t know why it was named Rara Paneer. Even the server didn’t know that. Secondly the Paneer was too tangy. It felt it was prepared in tomato sauce.So that bit was a let down. The Naan was another highlight, when he came and but one huge piece of naan on my table. It was kind of hanging on a sword type of thing and we had to break it and eat it. It was loaded with butter and oregano seasoning and tasted good. Overall the main course was good but not very good.

Desserts – for the sweet tooth

They have a small counter at one end of the restaurant that serves desserts. On that night there was Ras Malai, Angoori Gulab Jamum, Phirni and Hawla. All the desserts were on the sweeter side and anyone who likes mild sweet might not like it. Apart from this there was a good spread of ice creams. From the regular ones like Vanilla, Pineapple and Orange, there were some other flavors like Masala Chai, Pan and Guntur Chilly Ice cream.

Yummylicious Desserts at Sahib's Barbeque
Yummylicious Desserts at Sahib’s Barbeque

Masala Chai didn’t have the chai flavor that I was expecting. It had a very mild flavor which wasn’t actually chai. Pan ice cream was strong and flavorful and again on the sweeter side. As for the chilly ice cream, I’ve had one at Hill Top in Panchgani so I was aware of what to expect. Anyways I did try a spoon of Guntur Chilly Ice Cream and it was spicy. These ice creams don’t hit you immediately, give it a few seconds and your mouth would be spicy.

However, apart from all of these, the highlight of the day has got to be the Chuski. Yes, those 1 Re ice candies that we used to eat post school. We had the exact same thing at Sahib’s Barbeque but it was of Rose flavour. It totally took me back in time and I enjoyed it so much that had 3-4 of them ! You simply cannot miss it when you are here.

Ohri's Sahib's Barbeque Review
Ohri’s Sahib’s Barbeque Review

Final Verdict: The Buffet at Sahib’s Barbeque is totally worth

I don’t eat a lot and during these buffets I’m full by the time I taste everything. Buffet at Sahib’s Barbeque was no different. The starters kept of coming and I enjoyed all of them. Their starters are at par with ABs or Barbecue Nation. So if you love starters, you should surely dine at Sahib’s Barbeque. Main Course for vegetarians was average and wasn’t too good and desserts were on the similar lines too. My pick of the day has got to be Paneer Tikka, Makkai Seekh Kebab, Soya Peas Kebab, Mustard Aloo and the Chuski.

Sahib’s Barbeque by Ohri’s Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

For about 720Rs per head, the buffet at Sahib’s Barbeque is totally worth. I had a wonderful time there and like always Ohri’s didn’t disappoint. That’s about the review of Ohri’s Sahib’s Barbeque. If you have already dined there or have anything to say, please mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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  1. We went here for a team lunch & it was not a great experience…they served only 4 starters to us…2indian variety & 2BBQ one…what I read on zomato reviews did not resonate with what they served for our lunch that day…I had lots of good experience at BBQ nation…this place sucks in my book & I wouldn’t recommend.

    • Even Keerthi had told she didn’t quite like this place. Maybe it’s the timing, being an early bird I was there at 7 and since nobody was there, things were how I mentioned here. Maybe it’s during the rush hours they might have this issue. But let me pass this on to the management there, let’s see what they can do.

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