Homely by Swiggy
Homely by Swiggy

Swiggy pitches Homely – delivering delicious Homely food – Review

Amit just got his first job and joined the company in Bengaluru. Being the Delhite he is, moving to Bengaluru wasn’t easy for him. Especially leaving his house and missing the homely food. For someone whose day starts with Aloo Paratha and ends with Butter Chicken, how would he adjust in Bengaluru ? That was a cooked up story, but I’m sure many of you could relate to this. At least I could, as I spent almost a year here in PG in Hyderabad. For me adjusting with the local food wasn’t tough, thanks to my boarding school experience. But I’ve been with folks for whom survival was difficult. Thanks to Zomato and Swiggy, they got to relish their favorite food.

Over the years Swiggy has come up with a lot of changes – some good, some bad. The Swiggy Super program followed with Swiggy Pop and Swiggy Delights were their subscription based offerings. They’ve also gone back to the drawing board and did what they call Backward integration in Management terms. Their cloud kitchen offering under the brand Swiggy Homely. I’m a regular user of Swiggy and have ordered previously from Homely.

Swiggy Homely Review

One of the first things that you might probably see on Swiggy’s home screen would be Homely. They’ve been pushing it left, right and center. Swiggy Homely as the name suggest serves home like simple and subtle food. They don’t have a huge variety but the food is surely something that you can eat everything. They have combos with Rotis, Rice, one curry and dal. The menu keeps changing on a daily basis with the curry and type of dal changing.

Like I said, I’ve ordered from Homely quite a few times and my experience has been pretty good. The best thing about it is their packaging.They provide everything in an easy to carry and eat in, plastic thali. Comes with a good amount of curry, a little lesser quantity of dal and 3 rotis or dal. The taste is simply and preparation is good. Something you can eat everyday. Their combos start from as low as Rs 99 and go on to Rs 129 for special combos. The food is quite simple yet delicious. Their Langharwali Dal is something that I truly enjoy.

Why I like Swiggy Homely ?

There’s not one but many reasons as to why I like food from Homely Below are the reasons why I relish the food and service of Homely by Swiggy:

  • Neat and clean Packaging – eat and dispose – however biodegradable material could have been used
  • Simple and delicious food
  • Rotating Menu means you won’t get the same thing if you are ordering on consecutive days
  • Rotis or Rice – the choice is yours
  • At Rs 99, the entry level combo is pretty good
  • I however don’t like the fact that extra rotis cost Rs 25 for 2 of them :/ They could bring it down to Rs 5 a piece.
Homely by Swiggy
Homely by Swiggy

Swiggy has carefully chosen the Brand name Homely. They identified the opportunity and carefully came in with Homely. The brand serves simple food which is hot and freshly delivered. The combos are nicely paired and taste good. Individual items are still priced a little higher but that can be ignored. I would be happy to see Swiggy coming with some sort of weekly/monthly subscription plans for this. Won’t you like that too ? This would be really helpful for many, I’m sure about it. With the concept of cloud kitchens booming, Swiggy Homely is one of the front runners already. Have you tried it already ? How was your experience ? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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