Food is not just about taste, It’s about the aroma and appearance. And a true Foodie keeps these in mind and go on a food trail. Come along with me and explore the various foodie destinations and dishes.

My love for Pav Bhaji

I am a FOODIE,as said in my previous posts, I enjoy eating and trying out new things. But there are some things that are on the menu always (in techie terms they are default :P) One such Indian delicacy that I cherish is the Pav Bhaji. For those of you who don’t have …

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Ice-Cream fun in winters !!

Everyone enjoys having ice creams. Some like the traditional Vanilla, Butterscotch while many others enjoy the newer ones. I too love ice-creams a lot. Also most of them enjoy eating them in summers. But there are some others who are opposite – they like ice creams in Winters !!!! Chill !! Well, …

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Funtastic Street Food

One will find numerous road side food joints,stalls & shacks in India. The food served at these places have one of the best tastes. With bright coloured platters and spicy dishes, these are enjoyed by one and all. Some of the most enjoyed street food items are pav bhaji, noodles, …

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Peanut Bazaar

Peanuts, Peanuts & more Peanuts !!! Visited one of its kind market today. Lanes bustling with people of all kinds, this is a must see for peanut lovers. Well, this is the Peanut / Groundnut aka moongfali bazaar near Daaliganj, Lucknow. Here you will find various variety of peanuts. Price …

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