Food is not just about taste, It’s about the aroma and appearance. And a true Foodie keeps these in mind and go on a food trail. Come along with me and explore the various foodie destinations and dishes.

Food Carving !

Yesterday, I was hungry at my usual time – 5 in the evening. Thinking of what to I have, I was served a plate full of Gol-Gappa along with a tangy, tasty paani. *drooling* I just pounced on it started stuffing  them… Meanwhile, while breaking the gol gappas, I thought …

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Paneer-i-licious Day !

Just as the title suggests, it was a certainly a PANEER-I-LICIOUS day for me. Well not something great but some real good thing just because I’m a Paneer Lover ! 😛 Maybe all the women were happy and blessed me because of  me sending Women’s Day wishes ! 😛 As usual, during my …

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My love for Pav Bhaji

I am a FOODIE,as said in my previous posts, I enjoy eating and trying out new things. But there are some things that are on the menu always (in techie terms they are default :P) One such Indian delicacy that I cherish is the Pav Bhaji. For those of you who don’t have …

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Ice-Cream fun in winters !!

Everyone enjoys having ice creams. Some like the traditional Vanilla, Butterscotch while many others enjoy the newer ones. I too love ice-creams a lot. Also most of them enjoy eating them in summers. But there are some others who are opposite – they like ice creams in Winters !!!! Chill !! Well, …

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