Food Carving !

Yesterday, I was hungry at my usual time – 5 in the evening. Thinking of what to I have, I was served a plate full of Gol-Gappa along with a tangy, tasty paani. *drooling* I just pounced on it started stuffing  them…

Meanwhile, while breaking the gol gappas, I thought to make some designs on the Gol Gappa. So here you go, check-out these designs made on Gol-Gappa using the back-end of the spoon (The last 4-5 words seemed a lot to do with programming..back-end :P)

Mr. ANGRY Gol Gappa. Courtesy: Atul Sharma, Facebook

So this is how i passed the time while enjoying some yummy Gol-Gappa. For the recipe Click Here.

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