Technology and its Impact: Governance through Twitter

Technology and its Impact: Governance through Twitter

Since the time Narendra Modi took up the post of the Prime Minister, there has been a huge shift in the way the government functions. First of all none of the ministers are to be seen except for Modi himself, secondly they are most active on Social Media Platform – Twitter. Narendra Modi who has been known for his Selfies, is the first one to take to Twitter and inform people about the various initiatives of the government. We all have heard about e-Governance where the government services are provided via the internet to ensure transparency in the functioning of the government. But the current government seems to take it a step further by interacting with the citizens through Twitter. The impact of technology on governance is quite visible and its helping everybody.

Since the time Modi joined the micro-blogging site, he has ensured to ‘onboard‘ almost all the ministries on Twitter. Not only the ministries, we have the secretaries and ministers too active on Twitter. The dying Railways has been given some lifeline as the ministry’s twitter account is one of the most talked about. Even the rail minister looks closely to tweets and is ready to step in whenever needed. A couple of months ago we saw a woman tweeting the railway minister about being harassed by a group of men. The Railway Minister was quick to respond and send a police team to the train and nab the culprits.  

Not only the Railway Ministry, the Ministry of External Affairs is very active too along with the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. There have been numerous occasions where the minister herself came to the front to help the needful. And trust me she has done a world of good. She’s one of the most eminent an active minister on twitter a ready to help always. From getting people safe from the refugee camps to uniting families, Sushma Swaraj is the perfect example of how technology has had an impact on governance through twitter.

The latest to join the Twitter’s governance bandwagon is Arun Jaitely’s Ministry of Finance. The Finance Minister on Twitter posts about the various financial orders passed and policies enforced. However this time around things are different. We all are eagerly waiting for the Budget which is scheduled to be announced on February 29 hoping for tax reliefs and inflation coming down. The Ministry of Finance has decided to have your opinion is making their budget. Yes ! If you are on Twitter, just go to Ministry of Finance’s profile and vote for your choice. This is a great way to involve the citizens in key decision makings since everyone is aware of what is happening. The impact of this is transparency in functioning of the government.

So get on Twitter and start helping the government to make a better India. Governance through Twitter is one of the finest example of impact of Technology.

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