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Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee - the life saving potion

Time for Araku Coffee to take on the global coffee brands

It was the month of September in 2015 when I had decided to visit Araku. What fascinated me to visit the little hill town were the Borra Caves. The locals believed that a shepherd lost his cow and in search of it, he dug a mountain. And hence one can see a hole at the top of the mountain. This was probably the main reason I visited Borra Caves, to see a hole from a cave. But there was something else that caught my attention – Coffee, the life saving potion. Most of the hill stations, especially in the south are home to some delectable coffee, and Araku Coffee is powerful.

The beauty of Nature is evident here.
The beauty of Nature is evident here.

For those of you who don’t know where this place is, Araku is a small hill station about 100-120kms from Visakhapatnam. The best way to go there is via the APTDC package, more details here. Araku is known for its Coffee plantations and the variety grown here is Arabica. You will find a lot of shops selling coffee beans to coffee powder and chocolates. I had visited a small shop close to the Haritha Resort and next to the Tribal Museum in Araku. The shop had a wide variety of coffee, including flavored ones. One could smell coffee from a distance. Being a die-hard Coffee lover, I remember buying few Coffee chocolates and coffee powder. Trust me, Araku Coffee is powerful. You get the bitter taste and the perfect punch of coffee. And the best way to try it is the Filter Coffee way 😉

Araku Coffee to take on the world

There are reports coming in that few industrialists have come together to take the Araku Coffee global. This small-town Desi Coffee is all set to make a debut in Paris and soon to other global cities like New York and Tokyo. Finally we could say that India has given the world a unique Coffee experience which was until now taken care by Columbian and Sumatran Coffee. Mahindra who is one of the four industrialist who plan to bring Araku to the world map, have pledged to help the tribals increase the production and assist them.

Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee – the life saving potion

Well, all I can say is that Araku Coffee is finally going to get the credit that was long due. Not many people in India have even heard about this place,let alone the coffee. I’m glad to have visited the place and relished the luscious coffee that Araku had to offer. Have you been to Araku yet ? If not, do make a plan, it’s a great place that makes for a perfect weekend getaway !

Are you a Coffee Lover too ? What’s the best Coffee you’ve had and Where it was ? Mention in the comments below !

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  1. I like to drink coffee in winters..we have severe winters here in Delhi NCR. The best coffee I had was at my Andhraite friend’s place. Her filter coffee is too good.

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