Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review
Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review

Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review – Measure More Than Just Weight

If you are a 90s kid, you’ll remember that the only time you checked your weight as a kid was when you traveled by train. That fancy-looking, bling-bling kiosks set up at almost every railway station were the candy in the eye for every kid. Put in a 1Re coin and it spewed a ticket with your weight on it. Let me know how many of you remember that in the comments.

Those are a rarity now, and thanks to technology, we have smart gadgets that measure more than just your weight. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the Actofit Smart scale lite. It’s been over a few months that I’m using it and makes sense to share my Actofit Smart scale lite review. Moreover, I thought it would be perfect to have a smart scale to track my home workout progress.

What is a smart scale & why use it?

In this age of technology when everything is becoming smart and multifunctional, how could the means with which we weighed ourselves be traditional? Smart scales are new-age devices that help you measure vital body parameters along with your body weight. Just like your fitness band can measure blood oxygen levels too nowadays.

Most of these smart scales make use of multiple technologies to measure various body parameters from BMI, Skeletal Mass, Muscle mass, water content, and much more. Almost all the smart scales including the Actofit Smart scale Lite use a technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). A small electric current is sent from one foot to the other. As the current travels through your body, the device measures the speed which tells us the various vital parameters.

Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review

Actofit is a company that is into the smart wearables space. They have products like a smart scale, workout tracker, chest straps, and even badminton tracker. Actofit Smart scale Lite is their entry-level smart scale. It is priced at Rs 3250 on Amazon while I paid about RS 1500 when I purchased it from the CRED App. As I said earlier, it’s been few weeks that I’ve had it, let’s get into my Actofit Smart scale Lite review.

Actofit Smart Scale Lite Features

The Actofit Smart scale Lite packs in a lot of features which are quite good for the price. It can measure more than 15 vital body parameters including BMR, Bone Mass, Body Water, Skeletal Mass, BMI, Muscle Fat, Visceral Fat, Proteins, and much more. Pair it with their mobile app and you can track the health logs of all your family members in one single app.

Packaging & Box Content

The packaging is simple and sleek. The box mentions all the features of the Actofit Smart scale Lite along with other details. Inside the box, you’ll find the Actofit Smart scale Lite along with a few user manuals and 4 AAA batteries. Yes, the Actofit Smart scale Lite uses 4 AAA batteries that power it.

Build Quality

Coming to the build quality, the Actofit Smart scale Lite is pretty good. While the bottom is majorly plastic, the top is all glass. Being all class, it does require cleaning after every use to ensure it keeps shining. There’s no separate cut-out for the display. There are no physical buttons present on the box too. Just ensure to use it on a flat surface.

Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review
Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review

Bluetooth Connectivity & Usage

It’s very easy to use the Actofit Smart scale Lite. Insert the batteries and let the smart scale configure itself. You’ll see some zeros on the screen at first. Once that is gone, you are ready to use it. The Actofit Smart scale Lite can detect when it’s in use and turns on/off automatically. So you just need to stand on it, it turns on, calculates, and displays the weight.

Pairing your smartphone with the Actofit Smart scale Lite is quite easy too. I installed their app on my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G and turned on the Bluetooth. It will ask you to turn on the location services too. Open the app and tap scan and it will automatically detect and pair with the smart scale. No every time you measure, you can keep a track of it on the mobile app.

Honest Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review

Actofit Smart Scale Lite Review - Measure More Than Just Weight
Actofit App. Courtesy: Google Play Store

Based on my few week’s usages, I’d say I quite like the product. It does what it says. The build quality is something I liked and it will gel in perfectly with your house aesthetically. Using it is pretty easy and pairing it is seamless. The connectivity however is choppy at times and you need to turn the Bluetooth on/off or get on/off the scale.

Talking about the mobile app, it looks like it has developed by an intern. While it does do the job, the app is one of the most childish look apps I’ve seen. For every family member, you need to enter a separate mobile number to get an OTP. You simply cannot add a new family member without registering. I tried to use my own mobile number for my parents, but that didn’t work. Also, one thing to note is that the Actofit Smart scale Lite can measure all the parameters only when it is paired with the smartphone. Without the smartphone and the app, it’s just a normal weighing machine.

Final Verdict: A good purchase

Frankly, I had been eyeing to get one of these for quite some time. But just the exorbitant prices that range from Rs 3000 upwards, pulled me back. So the moment I saw this on the CRED App, I ordered it. I’d say it’s a good purchase for everyone. Whether you are working out or not, the Actofit Smart scale Lite is a good purchase. It will keep track of your vitals which is the need of the hour. Apart from the mobile app and mobile number for every member, I like the Actofit Smart scale Lite. It’s fast, good-looking and easy to use.

Have you ever used a smart scale before? Do you think smart scales are good enough? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. Oh yes I remember checking my weight on the railway station by convincing my parents. This product looks awesome, I was thinkong of getting one and now I am convince which one to buy. Thanks Atul for the review.

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