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Here are a collection on posts through which I’m putting forward my opinion & views on various day to day happenings and other random stuff… Read along and share your views.

Kai po Che !

Puzzled as to what the Kai po che means ?? Most likely you would have (until unless you are a hardcore Gujarati !)  Well this phrase “Kai po che…” (pronounced as Kaaai pooo cheeee…) is one of the most heard phrases during Makar Sankranti aka Uttarayan. One uses this phrase everytime he/she brings …

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Delhi buses Safest ?

While sipping my coffee and going through the newspaper, I came across an advertisement of the Delhi Transport Corporation or DTC. The ad said that “Your DTC declared the safest in the country.”  This was a shocker for me. I was like Really ?? or its a joke. (Frankly speaking I was looking for  *Conditions Apply.) After the …

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Death of the Indian Farmer.

I (many of us too) have read that India is primarily an Agricultural nation. A country that produces tonnes and tonnes of food grains, vegetables, fruits every year. There are many varieties that are only found in India. The Indian farmer toils hard from sowing to harvesting and then delivering delicious & fresh fruits and vegetables …

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India or Bharat ??

The fresh comment on the recent gang-rape by the RSS supremo – Mohan Bhagwat has surely stirred up a debate. He said “Such crimes hardly take place in ‘Bharat‘ but occur frequently in ‘India‘.” at a function in Assam. He also added “You go to villages and forests of the country and there will be no such incidents …

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Convenience fee ? Why ?

In this age of technology, physical ticket booking counters are becoming vacant while the opposite is taking place at their virtual counter-parts. Not only a ticket bookings but recharging of mobiles, DTHs to paying electricity bills, online shopping etc., everything is now online and is being used by everyone. (there …

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