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Death of the Indian Farmer.

I (many of us too) have read that India is primarily an Agricultural nation. A country that produces tonnes and tonnes of food grains, vegetables, fruits every year. There are many varieties that are only found in India. The Indian farmer toils hard from sowing to harvesting and then delivering delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to us.

But in the recent past, the life of farmers have become hell and I mean it ! With the rain-Gods not ushering their blessing, farmers are incurring huge loses. Everything is done to praise the rain Gods so that they receive rains in time. Due to irregular rain pattern, many farms are flooded and crops being destroyed.

A still from Peepli Live. Courtesy: Sulekha.com
A still from Peepli Live. Courtesy: Sulekha.com

Another reason is probably the rising cost of seeds,fertilizers etc. Due to the rising prices, farmer take huge loans but are not able to repay them and thus commit suicide. Also due to pollution, the land has also become barren and thus not fit for harvesting crops.

If FDI is established, these farmers will be at a loss. The corporate biggies will buy from these poor farmers at a very low rate and sell them at much higher rates and earn huge profits making the farmers poorer and poorer.

Indian Farmer. Courtesy – instablogs.com

Many of the farmers have now stopped farming as in this age, their income is not enough to run their families. Many farmers are now working at places for a higher income. Some of them now own tea-stalls, small shacks in some parts of the country. Many of them are also working as cab drivers. These  are some of the various jobs that farmers are opting to suffice their needs.

Well, if the government doesn’t take proper care of the needs of the farmer, I’m afraid India would one day have to import various items that it was once a lead producer in.

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