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Onions make AAM AADMI weep…

As it’s said “Every dog has its day”, the day has finally come when Onions are waging a war against the Aam Aadmi. The vegetable, most common in households will now be dearer at almost 40 Rs/Kg (writing the previous line reminded me of Sharman Joshi from 3 Idiots when Madhvan writes Bhin 12/Kg on his plaster !) Well trust me this is way too much. I remember buying them for almost 20-25 a kilo last week !

Onions coast more, reach 40 Rs/Kg. Courtesy: businessinsider
Onions coast more, reach 40 Rs/Kg. Courtesy: businessinsider

Reason ? Well, blame it on the rain gods ! Due to poor rain in onion growing regions, the prices have shot up steeply. Walking through the market just an hour ago in Noida, the prices seem to have taken effect. Most sellers selling at 40 Rs/kg. But, (once again) as it is said, “Dhoondne pe toh Bhagwaan bhi miljaata hai…” (When trying to search, even god can be found) there were couple of vendors selling at 30 Rs/Kg and some even at 15 !

While all the ministers are busy blaming the Agricultural minister for the same, it is the aam aadmi who is suffering. Let’s see how much these onions will make us cry and till when this will continue.

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