Passport Application – First Checkpoint Cleared

Many days had passed since I had been trying desperately to get an appointment for the interview for my passport, and today I finally managed to get one ! In the past though I had applied it twice, but never got one. Why ? hmm…the sole reason that by the time the cops came for police verification, I had shifted to a new place ! So, anyways got this appointment and hope to get it done this time !

Passport Seva Kendra. Courtesy eletsonline

The process isn’t rocket-science, but does require some common sense. I’ve heard people and read blogs that to get an appointment is a tedious and lengthy task. Well here is a procedure, if followed correctly might get you and appointment in the first go itself !

    • All you have to do is keep an eye on the server time/clock that is present on the passport portal at the top left corner.
    • For example if you can book appointment only after 18:00 hrs, log in to your account at 17:57 hrs.
    • Select your application and hit Manage Appointment.
    • On the next screen, wait till the clock reads 17:58.
    • Click Create Appointment. On the next screen enter the captcha image and wait till the clock reads something like 17:59:45, wait randomly for 15-20 and hit Create Appointment.
    • Quickly choose your time slot and the date and hit book appointment.
    • On the next screen quickly key in the captcha and Viola ! You should see “Your appointment has been successfully booked.

So, you see this ain’t a big task. The only important thing should be that date and time of your appointment should be decided in advance. You don’t want to be planning your appointment while you are booking one. Remember: There are a limited appointments available, and these fill up within 1-2 minutes of the booking time.

This was the first checkpoint in the Passport application process. The next checkpoint is the Interview. So will share that experiences once its done ! Hope this helps !

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