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Playstation 4 – Console or PC ?

Sony has finally unveiled the latest entrant to their famous Playstation series – Playstation 4. The code name given to this was – ORBIS, the company launched under the brand name Playstation that it had managed to achieve. Though the physical device hasn’t been shown yet.

The PS4 launch event last night. Courtesy: latimesherocomplex
The PS4 launch event last night. Courtesy: latimesherocomplex

I’ll focus more on the hardware specification of the console. After going through the specs, I certainly asked myself – “Is this a gaming PC or a console ??” The specification are as follows:

      • x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” series 8 core Processor
      • 1.86 TFLOPS , AMD next gen Radeon graphics
      • 8 GB GDDR5 memory
      • Blue Ray and DVD Drive
      • Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth
      • HDMI, Analog AV-out

These specifications aren’t less than that of a full fledged gaming PC. With  such specification, games would run sublime along with great, detailed graphics.

Even their famous DualShock controller received some upgrades. The select and start buttons have been combined. The motion sensor has been improved. The controller now comes with an LED in the front that will be of the same colour as your in-game character and will change according to the gameplay.

The Dualshock-4 controller. Courtesy : collider
The Dualshock-4 controller. Courtesy : collider

Microsoft would have certainly watched this event closely. Their scientists will be in full swing to deliver a much better device than the Playstation 4. The gaming console sphere has certainly been intensified with the PS4. Many developers will now be moving on to develop games for the PS4.

When I was in my class 6, I wanted a Playstation and remember getting a PS1, (PS2 was just hit the stores then, and was way too costly for a casual gamer like me) From a mere 33.8 Mhz CPU to a 8 core CPU in just 8 years is an amazing leap ! I am now planning to auction my PS1 as an antique and hoping some billionaire buys it ! 😛 😉

Closing in on 1000 hits for my Blog. Thanks a lot for your support !! 🙂

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