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Exams over, new Hobby this summer !

Well, this post is featuring after a long long time…almost a whole month ! Finally I am free from exams…(but not for too long !) Still want to enjoy the free time to the fullest now ! Though have the internship this summer, will try to take some time out for my new hobby – Arduino !

For all those who don’t know what Arduino is – this is  matchbox size circuit that can do wonders ! 😛 – and for all those who want to know more about it head here. Had been reading about it during the free time while the exams were on (trust me, I have free time during exams too ! :P) so thought to try my hand at this thing this summer.

Here’s how it looks :

Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO

Along with this , also bought some LEDs (for some start-up fun), bread board etc. So its gonna be an electronic summer !! Looking forward to enjoy this. Will post some tutorials as and well I gain some experience !


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  1. Yes! Arduinos are so fun to play with. There are many really easy projects that you can do with ’em online if you just Google arduino projects. With the LED you got you could do like a traffic light system, and you could play even more if you have those little buttons too. Right now I’m doing a sort of mood light that shows the mood of twitter users, reading their tweets and searching for specific, mood related tags. And all I have to do is follow an Instructable I found online. Good luck, and have fun! : D

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