Yeh tune kya kiya – just love the lyrics

My mornings start with some good music which usually include Sufi, Slow Rock(mostly bollywood songs) Have been listening to Yeh Tune Kya Kiya from Once upon a time in Mumbai – Dobara. And the lyrics are amazing. I simply love them… so here I am writing a part of the song that I like.

Phiru ab maara maara main
Chaand se bichhda taara main
Dil se itna kyun haara main
Ye tune kya kiya..

Saari duniya se jeet ke main aaya hoon idhar
Tere aage hi main haara kiya tune kya asar

Main dil ka raaz kehta hoon
Ke jab jab saansein leta hoon
Tera hi naam leta hoon
Ye tune kya kiya

Meri baahon ko teri saanson ki jo
Aadatein lagi hain waisi
Jee leta hoon ab main thoda aur

Meri dil ki ret pe
Aankhon ki jo pade parchhai teri
Pee leta hoon tab main thoda aur

Jaane kaun hai tu meri
Main naa jaanu ye magar
Jahaan jaaun main karoon main wahaan
Tera hi zikar

Mujhe tu raazi lagti hai
Jeeti hui baazi lagti hai
Tabiyat taazi lagti hai
Ye tune kya kiya

Main dil ka raaz kehta hoon
Ke jab jab saansein leta hoon
Tera hi naam leta hoon
Ye tune kya kiya..

Here is a youtube link to the original song… enjoy !

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