Hello from Hyderabad !

It has been quite a hectic last few weeks, lots of traveling, documentation, completing courses, online evaluation tests and what not but all of this was for good. After the upheaval I’m glad that things have calmed down now and that a chapter in life begins.

Well, all of this was a part of my joining process at Wipro Technologies and now I’ve been posted at their Hyderabad campus – and hence this post “Hello from Hyderabad !” ūüėČ ¬†I have been to the city a long time back and that too on an educational trip from my boarding school. So have idea only of the places to be. But this time, things are a lot different – bit more serious than what it was the last time I was here.

Upon my arrival, I had to look for a PG accommodation, as usual preferred a place near to the campus. The areas which I surveyed for PGs were Gachibowli, Gaowlidoddy, IndraNagar, Ajnaih Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar and Telecom Nagar.¬†Thanks to this website – HostelnPg for making things a bit easier for me.¬†Finally I settled for a PG at Gowlidoddy, near Q-City. This place is about 2 kms from Wipro circle and hence walking is my preferred choice. The area here is peaceful as its quite away from main road. PS: If you are looking for Dominos, Subway, and other big supermarkets, this is not the right area to stay !!¬†For all that move to Indra nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar or Ajnaih Nagar. Most of the PGs here provide WiFi (Beam Telecom), LCD, Lift, 3 times food, Pick up/Drop – all of this is included in the monthly rent which ranges from 5500-6500 for a double sharing room and 8500 onwards for a single sharing room. The food is simple with lots of green vegetables being served with sometimes being spicy. One might get bored after sometime if he/she doesn’t enjoy the south Indian taste.¬†A small lake right in front of my room ensures that things are cool ¬†always. The weather as of now is amazing with cool winds 24×7 !

Moving on to the joining formalities, things went pretty smoothly but slowly. We were provided breakfast which marked the beginning of a hectic but exciting day ahead. Later in the noon, lunch was provided after which the verification of all the documents and filling of various forms took place. Later in the day, the¬†formalities of obtaining a SIM card, opening a bank account took place. I was quite aware of what happens on the joining day – thanks to my seniors, my friends and blogs I visited. One of the blog was –¬†wiproites.esy.es¬†and thanks to¬†Kavin¬†for clearing my doubts regarding the whole process.

All in all, its been a great time till now with lots of exciting things coming our way.

PS: “Naaku Telugu Teliyadu !” Thanks to Google Translate and my friend.

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