Peppy Atmosphere in a Cricket Stadium. Image Courtesy: NDTV
Peppy Atmosphere in a Cricket Stadium. Image Courtesy: NDTV

Peppy atmosphere in a cricket stadium

Cricket has become one of the most widely followed sport in the world, you can say the most wildly followed sport in India 😉 Cricket isn’t merely a sport, it’s a religion in India. Be it home series or always series, Indians are present to support their teams. Be it the Lords in England or The MCG in Melbourne, every stadium becomes a home ground for Team India. With local crowd behind them, all they hope is the conditions too are like Wankhede 😛 Whether it is a school going kid or an office goer, everyone tries to come up with excuses to watch the match. And for this the folks in IT are lucky, just hitting the Alt+Tab key starts the live streaming of the match. But watching a match on TV and in a stadium is entirely different. I’m a big follower of the game and fortunate enough to have witnessed a couple of matches in stadiums from IPL to Champions League. So here I’m sharing my experiences of the peppy atmosphere In a cricket stadium and what you could expect.

First it’s important to choose a perfect seat in the stadium. So pick a spot which you like. If you want to see the action of the big screen, picking a seat square of the wicket is your best bet. However if you want to feature on TV, then you should try the mid wicket and the “V” areas (if you don’t know this, you don’t know cricket !) And if you have got the moolah, the you took take the seats above the sight screens and across the players dressing rooms. Once you have got the tickets, it’s time to get your gear ready. From funky caps to charts to blow hours, take everything you need to support your team.

Peppy Atmosphere in a Cricket Stadium. Image Courtesy: NDTV
Peppy Atmosphere in a Cricket Stadium. Image Courtesy: NDTV

On the match day, there will be huge traffic jams in the city, so plan your day accordingly. Once you reach the stadium, the loud roar of spectators will have your heart skip a beat. You will be rushing to witness the match.  So now you are in the stadium. You start screaming like others without even knowing what’s happening. Since you’re sitting way too far from the pitch, you hardly know who’s playing. You’ll be like “Yaay Dhoni Dhoni” and the guy next to you says “Abbe Rahane hai” the. You’ll be like “Yaay Rahane Rahanee..” Who cares !

You’ll literally have no idea of the scores u till unless you see the scoreboard yourself. And if you are watching someone like Dhoni bat, you will just see the bowler running up, Dhoni swinging the bat and the bowl in the stands. Before you can even spot the ball, its in the stands. You’ll be interested in everything except the match itself, that peppy spider cam going up and down,the scorers light going off when the on-field umpire signals something. The 3rd umpires red and green light. While you were busy in this the match gets over. It’s that time when the players relieve and the spectators too !

During the break, people will be rushing to washroom which would have turned into a battlefield with every person fighting to get a go at the urinal. There will be people waiting behind you while you try to finish your business. I don’t know how are things in the ladies washroom, haven’t been there yet 😉 post this people will rush to food counter s to buy cold drinks for 100 Rs which would normally cost 30 bucks in the market. With your tank empty and coke can filled, it’s time to enjoy the live action again.

You’ll be jumping every now and then waving here and there because you don’t know where the camera is ! And then there will be this one guy who would say “Bhai hum TV pe hain !!” And you’ll erupt like a volcano. Once the match is over, you’ll hardly wait for the presentation since you cannot even see where it is happening let alone seeing who’s attending it.

So after seeing few matches in stadiums, I would say if you want to see the game, TV is your best bet. But if you want to experience the peppy atmosphere then you definitely have to go to the stadium !

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