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Let's Talk Money with SIP
Let's Talk Money with SIP

Financial Gyaan by Guru Supandi

Supandi is the most loved comic character India has ever come up with. His wit coupled with his way of looking at things has won him a lot of fans. I remember while I was in hostel, the only reason I bought a Tinkle comic was to read the short Supandi comic. Usually around the center page of the comic, Supandi always stole the show. I remember one where his master asked him to post a letter which he did, but later the master realized that he had forgotten to write the address. As we all know Supandi, he posted the letter. When asked by the master, he said he thought that the master wanted to keep the address a secret !

Secret Address - Supandi. Image Courtesy: kelvi.net
Secret Address – Supandi. Image Courtesy: kelvi.net

Supandi has been highly successful in giving us the much needed laughter dose over the years. However this time around he’s busy teaching a very important lesson to everyone and not only the kids. Supandi is now sharing his Mutual Fund gyaan and is spreading knowledge coupled with his witty humor. Yes, Supandi is talking money and it’s great. It is an initiative by Tata Mutual Fund house along with Tinkle comics to increase the awareness about Mutual Funds and clear the misconceptions surrounding it. As a part of Tata Mutual Fund’s investor education initiative, the fund house is providing some good lessons on investment with help from Supandi and Professor Simply Simple. There are a few Animations that talk about financial terms including Inflation, Power of compounding, Equity and Debt and basics of Mutual Funds to name a few. To reach a wider audience, these videos are available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil and Bengali.

Apart from animations, there are comic books on topics like Introduction to Equity, Mutual Fund terms, SIPs and Tips, Diversification, Taxes, Volatility, Retirement and what not. The comics are great as they have the right mix of ‘financial gyaan‘ with a dash of Supandi’s humor. I was just browsing their website when I stumbled upon this great stuff. You can access all these amazing videos and comics from your computer, smartphone. Visit http://www.tatamutualfund.com/knowledge/suppandi to get your dose of financial gyaan.

Financial Gyaan by Guru Supandi
Financial Gyaan by Guru Supandi

We all know the kind of financial literacy we have in India. That’s an area where we need to put some effort in. Many people who are in 30-40s aren’t aware of the wide range of financial tools available. The only reason I feel is the absence of the ‘financial gyaan’ in the early stages of life. It would be nice if school children maybe after class 8th or 10th are taught about basics of Finance, personal finance to be specific. So that by the time they get their first salary in hand, they are well aware of what is to be done with it.

With the right financial knowledge and guidance, one can not only save money for his/her future but also fulfill their desires of owning a car, traveling to a foreign destination and what not. So head to the link and increase your FQ – Financial Quotient by taking the ‘financial gyaan‘ from our very own guru Supandi !

Happy Investing !

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