Veggie Delight at The Square restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad
Veggie Delight at The Square restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad

Lunch Buffet at Square Restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad

It is not everyday that one gets to dine the restaurant of one of the popular Five Star Hotel. But that was the case during one of my recent bloggers meet at Hyderabad where I got a chance to dine at the popular Square Restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel. We were staying in the same hotel and opted for a buffet at the Square. The restaurant is visited by many – mostly frequent fliers and pilots – thanks for its close proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The Hotel is 5 min drive from the Airport terminals and is one of the best places for a layover. However, the hotel is at least 40kms far from the city. So if you want to relish the famous Paradise / Bawarchi / Shahghouse biryani or take a walk near the iconic Charminar, you would need to have at least 2-3 days on hand. Anyways, coming to the essence of the post – quick review of the Square Restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel.

The Tata Hexa at Novotel Airport Hotel.
The Square Restaurant at Novotel Airport Hotel

Welcoming Ambiance

The Square is a 24 hour multi-cuisine restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the pool and offers alfresco dining. For all of you unaware of this – it means open dining. The restaurant allows you to enjoy your meal alongside the pool and the lush green laws in the backdrop. The interiors are nicely done with a great color scheme. The main food bay is right after you enter the restaurant along side the live counter while the seating area is all beyond that. The restaurant isn’t very big and the buffet area can get crowded at times. But it’s nice to have rotis / Naans to be served on the table. The cutlery was simple and elegant something that you expect from such restaurant.

Welcoming Ambiance. Image Courtesy: Foodaholix
Welcoming Ambiance. Image Courtesy: Foodaholix

Good Food and Good Ambiance

The Buffet spread was quite good with a good mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. However, what it lacked were starters. Couldn’t find kebabs or tikkas around. I don’t know if it was only on that day or is it common. There were a few varieties of Salads at the salad bay. The Main Course had a good number of vegetarian dishes. I tried the common Achari Paneer, Methi Subzi, a corn preparation along with the Veg Dum Biryani and Garlic Naan. Must say that everything had a very balanced taste and nothing was either too spicy, salty or tangy. Garlic Naan was made to perfection, the right amount of garlic in it. Many places I have been either have excessive garlic or nothing, so this was superb.

Veggie Delight at The Square restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad
Veggie Delight at The Square restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad

Apart from the vegetarian side, there was a double whammy for the non vegetarians with Chicken and Mutton Dum Biryani on offer. There was also a variety of fish and other chicken curries. Since most of the people who came along with me weren’t from Hyderabad, they were relishing the Biryani. However, I didn’t find the Biryani amazing as it lacked the zing which most places like Bawarchi, Shah Ghouse or Paradise offer.

Delicious Desserts
Delicious Desserts

Had a couple of servings before moving to the Desserts. The variety of dishes on offer was average, but the ones present tasted good. Tried brownies and Red Velvet cake and it was great. The presentation of the desserts was good and that certainly enhanced the taste for me. The portions of desserts were perfectly sized so there wasn’t any wastage. From cup cakes, to pastries, there was everything for everyone so nobody went back without pleasing their sweet tooth.

Square: Good place for quick meal

Overall, I was satisfied with the wholesome meal experience. Out of all, I would rate the ambiance the most followed by the food. The ambiance is minimalist and elegant and definitely complements the food. The Buffet spread was average and could have been better with the addition of more choices in starters. The main course was bang on (from a vegetarian’s perspective) and went well with the rice and rotis. All in all, the Square Restaurant Novotel Airport Hotel, Hyderabad is a good place for a quick meal while a layover. As mentioned earlier, we were there to be a part of the Tata Hexa Launch event and totally enjoyed our stay at the luxurious hotel. Already been there ? How was your experience at the Square ? Share with all our readers.

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  1. The dessert steals the show…those brownies look simply perfect!

  2. This post is indeed tickling my palate and the dishes and the dessert look so inviting…loved the use of “ambiance” instead of “ambience” which made it a French foodie tale…

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