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Why Self Hosted Blog is not for you
Why Self Hosted Blog is not for you

5 Reasons Why Self Hosted Blog is Not for you

So here’s another post that will talk about Blogging. In the recent times I’ve many people making a move to Self Hosting. For those of you don’t know, by moving to a self hosted blog, the blogger is no more related to the the service provider they were blogging with Eg.:If you were on Blogger and moved to a self hosted blog, then you are no more related to Blogger. It’s nice to see many people moving to a self hosted blog to create their identity online. However, I’ve seen many of them facing issues right after migration. I’ve personally sorted out issues for so many bloggers after they’ve gone self hosted. Being self hosted for close to 10 years now, I can say self hosting isn’t easy. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Migrate to Self Hosted Blog.

Before I begin please note that if you are a beginner, I’d suggest you to start with free blog and later move to a Self Hosted blog if necessary. That way you would have understood the platform well before migrating to a new home.

Why Self Hosted Blog is not for you
Why Self Hosted Blog is not for you

Why No to Self Hosted blog

All By yourself

Having a self hosted blog isn’t easy at all. While you are blogging for free on Blogger or WordPress, you don’t have to worry much about anything apart from writing your posts. But the moment you turn to a self-hosted blog, things get dirtier. You are all by yourself and more often than not, you have to deal with a host of things. So here are few things as to why Self hosted blogs are not for you.

All By your self. Courtesy: SafeBytes.com
All By your self. Courtesy: SafeBytes.com

Taking Regular Backup

If you plan to move to a self hosted blog, remember that things won’t be easy. Taking backups for your blog is the most important task. Because when you are self hosted, the servers aren’t guaranteed to stay online forever. Unlike WordPress and Blogger platforms, more often than not your self hosted servers are more prone to server crashes and hence chances of losing data are on the higher side. So either you take backups regularly on your own or pay a premium to let the provider take a backup of your blog.

Taking regular backups. Courtesy: Aqusagtechnology
Taking regular backups. Courtesy: Aqusagtechnology

Lose precious SEO

One of the most important when it comes to blog is it’s traffic. You want more and more people to view your blog. When you are on the free blogging platform, your blog posts tend to get a better visibility on search engines. That is because of the root domain (xyz.wordpress.com or xyz.blogspot.in are subdomains) and have an immense effect of the rood domain (wordpress.com or blogspot.in). However when you move to a self hosted blog, you lose the SEO score and thus lose a substantial organic traffic. Thus you need to put in a lot of effort to get back visibility.

Losing SEO traffic. Courtesy: Seopoint.com
Losing SEO traffic. Courtesy: Seopoint.com

Deal with Weak Security

Self Hosted blogs are more prone to cyber attacks. Depending on the type of your web hosting provider and their servers, you can expect attacks. Though the providers say that their servers are secured, you are never safe. Getting your blogs hacked is the worst nightmare for any blogger. I had faced a similar attack on one of my website many years ago. Trust me it’s not what you want to see. Since most of the bloggers start with dirt cheap shared hosting, an attack of the server will affect all the users on that server more often than not. So keeping an eye on the security of the blog is your responsibility. Read Tips to Secure WordPress Blog

5 Tips to Secure WordPress
5 Tips to Secure WordPress

Cope with Low Speed Servers

When you are on free blogging platforms, you seldom worry about your blog’s loading speed. Because these blogs are running on robust and powerful servers, there is very little lag at load. However when you are moving to a self hosted blog, you usually tend to go for shared hosting plans. If any other website is taking up resources on that server, your blog suffers. Hence it becomes all more important for you to work on improving the blog speed.

Slow Servers. Courtesy: LifeHacker
Slow Servers. Courtesy: LifeHacker

Pay High Costs for Self Hosted Blog

Lastly, everything comes with a price tag as you already know. Moving to a self hosted blog is a costly affair depending on the type of package you opt for. If you are starting out with basic plans from good service providers, you’ll often pay about 4k rupees a year. If you opt for dedicated hosting, cloud hosting etc then you will be paying a lot. So make sure your expenses are in place before you take this step.

So these were the 5 reasons why Self Hosted blog isn’t for you. Please be informed that the idea of this post was not to scare you in any way. Moving to a self hosted blog is a big step and everyone who has taken this bold step would agree with me. I encourage everyone to move to Self Hosted blog but they should be able to ready to face the issues they might face. This post throws light on the common issues faced by bloggers who move to a self hosted blog. If you’ve faced any of these or think I’ve missed out on any, do mention in the comments below. If you are on twitter, do drop by @Atulmaharaj

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  1. Yet another helpful post Atul. It’s costly maintaining a self hosted site and a lot of work

  2. These might be initial hiccups but once you find the right host and server, things settle down. The biggest reason people most to self hosted sites are because then they are the owners of those sites. The free platforms may remove your blog anytime without warning. It has happened to a few bloggers. Additionally, you can customise your site better with a self hosted website.

  3. Such a helpful post, Atul. Would answer all the questions that those wanting to move to a self hosted blog would have in mind. Super post!

  4. This a very relevant post. Yet I would say that there is some glamour attached to a self hosted blog and you cant beat that feeling of owning your own website.

    • I feel the glam is in having an own domain name rather than a self hosted blog. Everyone in my view want to own a custom domain name than going self hosted. Correct me if this is not the case.

  5. OMG I think this could be dedicated to me 🙁

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