Paddu, Idli and Dosa at Taste Of Brahmins
Paddu, Idli and Dosa at Taste Of Brahmins

Best Places To Eat In Hampi

It’s already been a couple of weeks since I returned from my road trip to Hampi. However, just caught up with so many things at work that I’ve not been able to dedicate more time to blog. In fact, I just concluded a CNCF Hyderabad Meetup and decided to head to Roast 24×7 and spend the rest of the day completing the blog posts that I’ve planned.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the best places to eat in Hampi. I will talk about the iconic Virupaksha Temple and Vithalla temple in upcoming blog posts, the reason for this is that I need to read more about these places and that’s a little time-consuming. And being a foodie, what better way to start my Hampi series than with a list of places to eat in Hampi?

Must Visit Places to Eat in Hampi

Hampi isn’t a very big place and there aren’t many happening eateries. Rather you’ll find a lot of homestays that serve food as well. I happen to visit one such eatery that’s quite popular along with a popular place to eat in Hampi. And I feel both are must-visit places to eat in Hampi.

Breakfast at Taste Of Brahmins

No matter where you are, I think it’s always important to kick off your day with some delicious food. Because I believe that a good breakfast is what you need to take you through your day. And one of the famous places for breakfast in Hampi is Brahmin’s.

Taste of Brahmins is located in a small settlement right next to Virupaksha Temple. The settlement isn’t very modern and has alleys and closely built houses. A very chawl-ish setup. When I first walked into the area, I thought I was in the wrong place. Moreover, I was surprised to see how clean the place was.

Taste of Brahmins - places to eat in Hampi
Taste of Brahmins

Every alley in this small settlement has shops and eateries. Most of these are house-turned-eateries. Meaning the front is a restaurant while there’s a proper house behind and more often than not you’ll find all the house members working in the setup.

Taste of Brahmins in Hampi is one such setup that serves south Indian food. The menu isn’t expansive (as expected) and it’s a very basic setup. The father is an expert dosa maker, the two sons handle the kitchen and take orders while the mother greets you with a good smile.

Our order was straightforward, a plate of Idlis, Masala Dosas, and Paddu. Paddu apparently is quite popular here. We were here by 8 in the morning and the place was full. We quickly had our Idlis on the table. A plate with 4 Idlis along with chutney with a liquid consistency and Sambhar. It wasn’t one of the Kannadiga Sambhars as I expected and it was very much homemade. The flavors too were subtle, not too sweet and fiery. The idlis were quite different from what we eat here in Hyderabad and so was the chutney.

Paddu, Idli and Dosa at Taste Of Brahmins
Paddu, Idli and Dosa at Taste Of Brahmins

Dosa was prepared fresh and because it’s a home setup, don’t expect a restaurant-level finish. It was a homely dosa with an equally homely saagu(potato filling). They were very particular in asking whether we wanted it with/without onions and spice. So that’s very good.

Paddu is essentially Paniyaramthese are balls made from dosa batter in a special appam-patra pan that gives them the shape. These are prepared freshly and can be customized to your liking. These aren’t something that you’ll find commonly at a lot of places and hence I ordered them. It’s also served with chutney and is worth a try.

For this entire meal, we paid Rs 180 which is quite reasonable for the food, ambiance, and overall service. Please note that while they do accept digital payments, there’s a major network issue in the area. I have Airtel and Jio and both didn’t have working internet. Luckily, the owners gave me access to the Wifi that I used to make the payments.

A perfect breakfast in Hampi at Taste Of Brahmins will give you a headstart for your day to explore.

Mango Tree for Lunch/Dinner

Hampi is a hot place, especially with all the rocky terrain around the temperatures during the afternoon can be too hot to handle. Hence the best advice I can give is to keep sipping liquids, ample availability of sugarcane juice, and much more. However, if you’re looking for a proper meal either for lunch or dinner, the Mango tree is the place to be.

Mango Tree (now renamed as Hampi Inn Garden Restaurant) is one of the must-visit places to eat in Hampi. They have a quaint setup located a little further from the town and amidst trees. Multiple seating options like private huts, tables, and even the option to sit on the ground. It’s a place that gives total Goa / chilled vibes irrespective of the time you go at. I was here for dinner and it was all Lit up.

Chill Vibes at Mango Tree Hampi
Chill Vibes at Mango Tree Hampi

The place is quite popular among foreigners and that reflects in the menu too. The menu has local delicacies from North India along with Mediterranean, Turkish, and English options as well. Whether you want to go in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have plenty of options to eat from. Since I was with my parents, the food we ordered was North Indian, along with a Mezze Platter and a dessert.

The Mezze platter was surprisingly good. The falafels were crispy and flavourful. Hummus didn’t look appealing but was on point with taste. Though it didn’t have the Olive oil dressing or olives, it tasted pretty good. Along with that, there was a serving of fries, pita bread, and salad. It was pretty good.

Food at Mango Tree Hampi
Food at Mango Tree Hampi

Traveling with parents means that the food is important. And one important thing is that food is prepared according to their taste. And Mango Tree was on point. From our request of having no chilies to less oil, all of it was followed to the point. And the dishes were quite delicious and full of flavors. We had a Paneer Do Pyaza, Tandoori Roti and Jeera Rice. All of them were on point. For desserts, they had Banofie pie and I decided to order that. It was average, the appearance could have been better and so the overall dessert. Nevertheless, it was decent.

I’d surely want to visit Mango tree for lunch in Hampi the next time I’m there. They have a south Indian thali along with other local delicacies that I want to try. Overall, quite a good place to try some good food, with impeccable service and an amazing time.

Other options to eat in Hampi

While Brahmin’s and Mango Tree are popular places to eat in Hampi, there are quite a few other places that are frequented by tourists. Since I was there only for a night, I couldn’t visit a lot of them, hence I’m just listing down the places that you can visit to eat in Hampi.

  • Panchmukhi – near Brahmins
  • Funky Monkey – near Brahmins
  • Happy Hampi Cafe
  • Taste of Hampi
  • Tree Line

That’s about it for this blog post on the places to eat in Hampi. I truly had an amazing time eating at Taste of Brahmin’s and Mango Tree, I’d surely go back and try these places again. There are not many places to eat as such, hence limited options. If you’re staying in a resort or a good hotel, you’ll probably find food there but outside it can be difficult.

So if you’ve been to Hampi and feel I could have added other places, please feel free to comment down below any other places that I should list. For anything else, reach out to me on @Atulmaharaj on Twitter, DM on Instagram, or Get in Touch.

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