Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya, Gongura Pulao at Telugu Medium
Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya, Gongura Pulao

Telugu Medium Hyderabad – Relishing Local Flavours

Another week and another Telugu restaurant that I visited. It isn’t long since I visited Ouvra a few weeks back and this time around I was again at a similar setup. My office colleagues were here and Maharaj played the host and decided to treat them with some Telugu food. Since I wanted to try some new place, I decided to head to Telugu Medium as I’d get to try a new place and also get a blog post 😉

And because Maharaj was the host, this wasn’t an invite so my experience and review are genuine and unbiased. So without much ado, let’s get at my experience with Telugu Medium.

Dining at Telugu Medium – My Review

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier blog posts as well, there’s suddenly a burst of south Indian regional restaurants in Hyderabad. From the like of old school places like Chutneys and Taj Mahal, Vivaha Bhojnambu to the newer ones like Ishtaa, Itlu, Ragi, Antera, Anna Native and Ouvra, all of them provide a similar menu with near similar setup. Telugu Medium is another addition to the list.

Located in Jubilee Hills, a little prior to Lord Of The Drinks, Telugu Medium is located at a junction that has quite some traffic. You might have to take a longer U-turn

Classic Contemporary Ambience

Telugu Medium, located in the vibrant area of Jubilee Hills, offers an ambience that strikes a balance between spaciousness and cosiness. The restaurant boasts a generous floor plan, providing ample indoor seating options, including a small outdoor area for those who prefer al fresco dining. Inside, you can pick a cosy spot downstairs or head on up to the first floor, which is nice for smaller gatherings.

Ambiance at Telugu Medium
Ambience at Telugu Medium

A standout feature of this restaurant is the delightful fish pond, which often captures the attention and curiosity of young diners. The tranquil pond adds a unique touch to the dining experience, offering a soothing atmosphere amidst the bustling restaurant. The place has plenty of greenery and some interesting art on the walls, which I think adds to its charm. Overall, Telugu Medium’s ambience complements the whole dining experience quite well.

Delectable But Common Starters

The starters were mostly common selections. We kicked things off with the Konaseema Paneer Roast. Interestingly, it was green in colour, a bit different from what I expected. It had a mildly sour flavour, which was decent. The mint chutney was the perfect accompaniment.

Next up was the Thootakoora Liver Fry, and I must say it impressed me more than the one I had at Antera. Then came the Veg Lollipop, which was presented in a unique way, resembling a chicken leg piece. It was delightfully crispy, but I felt it could’ve used a bit more flavour.

Common yet delectable starters
Konaseema Paneer Roast, Bangla Paneer, Veg Lollipop, Thootakoora Liver Fry

Lastly, we tried the Bangla Paneer, which fell into the “just okay” category. In a nutshell, the starters weren’t particularly innovative, and they didn’t have that wow factor, but they still delivered a decent, standard taste.

Flavourful Telugu Mains

Given that my colleagues from Pune were joining me, I decided to introduce them to some local dishes they might not have had before. Our selection encompassed both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

We started with Ragi Sangati and Gutthi Vankaya. While the Gutthi Vankaya was quite decent, the Ragi Sangati left something to be desired. Typically, Ragi Sangati has a coarser and denser texture, but this one turned out to be too fine and watery. It fell short of the mark. Further, since we already have Gutthi Vankaya, we paired it with Malabar Paratha, which complemented the dish nicely.

Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya, Gongura Pulao at Telugu Medium
Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya, Gongura Pulao

Next on our table was Gongura Pulao, another new experience for my friends. The flavour was impressive, striking a perfect balance between spiciness and tanginess. The raita that was served was pretty good. And thankfully, everyone at the table enjoyed it.

The main courses were flavorful and satisfying, but they weren’t quite extraordinary. It’s worth noting that my friends who indulged in non-vegetarian dishes particularly relished the chicken and mutton dishes they ordered.

Desserts and Drinks

Telugu Medium boasts a variety of mocktail options straight from the bar. During our visit, we decided to dive into the world of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. The Chilly Guava and the TM Refresher caught our attention. The TM Refresher, a delightful concoction of soda, orange, and cucumber, proved to be a crowd-pleaser. It was so good that I found myself enjoying three rounds of it, and I wasn’t alone—everyone at the table joined in on the TM Refresher love.

Delectable desserts at Telugu Medium
TM Refresher, Chilly Guava, Tres Leches and Apricot Delight

For dessert enthusiasts like us, there were a couple of choices. We opted for the Tres Leches and Apricot Delight. The Tres Leches was a creamy, flavoursome delight that hit the sweet spot. As for the Apricot Delight, while it was pleasant, I must confess that apricots aren’t particularly my cup of tea when it comes to desserts, so I’ll reserve judgment. I was also eager to sample the Mulberry Cream, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available during our visit.

Telugu Medium offers a decent selection of mocktails and desserts. However, it would have been a delightful touch to see more local dessert options on the menu to truly savour the flavours of the region.

A Delightful Evening At Telugu Medium

Telugu Medium boasts a warm and inviting ambience that makes it a comfortable spot for gatherings. We began our culinary journey with starters that, while not groundbreaking, were quite enjoyable.

Gutthi Vankaya and Thootakoora Liver Fry stood out, proving that sometimes classics are classics for a reason. The Gongura Pulao, in particular, struck a delightful balance between spice and tanginess, leaving our taste buds dancing with joy. While the menu at Telugu Medium is extensive, it doesn’t necessarily bring anything new or extraordinary to the table. The flavours, while decent, didn’t necessarily stand out as exceptional.

A shining aspect of our evening was the impeccable service we received. Our orders were promptly attended to, and our servers, Arvind and Piyush, ensured that all our needs were met. Their attentiveness greatly enhanced our dining experience.

In terms of pricing, while it might seem slightly on the higher side at first glance, our total bill came to about Rs 8000 for a group of seven. Considering the pleasant evening we had and the quality of the food, I would say it’s a reasonable price for a satisfying meal in a comfortable setting.

So, if you’re in Jubilee Hills and looking for a cosy place to enjoy some Telugu cuisine with friends or family, Telugu Medium is definitely worth a visit. It may not redefine the culinary landscape, but it offers a pleasant dining experience with a hint of local flair.

That’s about it for this blog post, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also tweet to me at @AtulmaharajDM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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