Armored school bags ?

Going through the TOI with a cup of coffee, I came across a report that said armored school bags for US kids.

Just weeks after the horrific shoot-out at Connecticut, President Obama had asked his government to amend the Arms policy. But records show that, the sales of guns have risen tremendously. Well, if the government is planning to amend the laws, parents are a step ahead.

Parents in the US are opting for a new type of Armored Bag to protect their children. These cost anywhere around 400$. No parent would want to compromise with the safety of their child.

Bullet-Proof school bags in the US.

But will this actually help ?? I mean, it would surely provide some protection, but not full protection. There should be more patrolling around educational institutions. More over there should be a check on carrying of arms to such places. With the amendments in the laws set to come in, lets hope such cases don’t happen in future.

On a funny note : I hope they don’t come up with Body armor. If they do so, going school would feel like experiencing a real life Black Ops or Far Cry !! 😛


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