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“Vibrant Gujarat” – is the tagline of the Gujarat Tourism. And it is perfect for a state that has the widest range of culture and food. Last time around, I had posted about Ahmedabad. Today I am writing about Diu(Daman and Diu as it is said), a small island town of Gujarat.

This island city has a series historic moments. Initially,a Portuguese colony till 1961, Diu is now a Union Territory. It had been an important trading post and a naval base that was ruled by the Portuguese during the 14-16th century.

I am an avid traveler and love to explore new places. I had visited Diu when I was in class 3, (its a long long time, almost 12 years ago ! But I do remember many places there)

To start with, I would talk about the famous Nagoa Beach. The beach is kindof of  ‘horse-shoe’ shaped. There are a lot of coconut trees that sway with the cool breeze that is always present. It does have some food joints, but I would suggest going and enjoying the scenic beauty rather than eating something that might not be that great !

When in Diu, you can’t forget the Diu Fort. It is an expansive and huge building made during the 16th century. It provides a magnificent view of the sea. There is a huge light house beside the fort. The fort houses several big cannons on the periphery.

Canons at Diu Fort. Courtesy: Indiantravels

There are many other places to see in Diu. These include St. Paul’s Church, Gangeshwar Temple, INS Khukri Memorial to name a few. The town is has many local market that sell some unique items. One can find many antiques and foreign goods in the market.

As far as the food is concerned, Diu is a destination where most of the Gujaratis (other tourists as well) head for sea food. Also the liquor lovers head to Diu. Other than that there is a Diu Festival that takes place every year from the 19th December and continues for another 3-4 days. The festival includes many cultural programs, sport competitions and many other events.

Diu is well connected by rail,road and air. One can reach Diu in the following ways:

  • By road, Diu is about 500 kms from Ahmedabad, 350 kms from Dwarka and 90 kms from Veraval(Somnath).
  • The nearest railway station is at Veraval. There are trains directly to Ahmedabad and getting tickets are easy. One can reach Veraval by local transport. The frequency of buses is very high from Diu to Veraval.
  • By Air, it has direct daily flights from Mumbai operated by Jet Airways.

This is a must visit destination if you want to have some seaside fun. Gujarat is predominantly a hot state and thus visiting Diu will certainly bring the mercury down. Peak season is during December, that is around the Diu festival. So make sure that this place is on your list when you’re visiting Gujarat. (Note: This is not a paid post ! :P)

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