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My ‘Summer’ Hobby ;)

It’s summer and temperatures are soaring all over India. With temperatures reaching well above 40 degrees, this month feels like the hottest month ! With the sun shining well above my head right from 8 AM, leaving an air-conditioned room is definitely a bad idea. I only leave the room to enjoy the ‘desi’ Ganne ka Ras aka Sugarcane Juice.

Apart from all this, this summer I have found a new hobby for myself. Yes last time around it was Arduino, but this time decided to move out of the house and close to nature. Yes you guessed it right, it’s Gardening. Well, I’m still a beginner 😉

Le Jardin ou the garden
Le Jardin ou the garden

Its so relaxing and especially in this heat, watering the plants is the perfect choice ! The current place where I’m spending my holidays, there is a small garden (un jardin :P) The garden looks small, but its armed with almost all the vegetables and fruits ! From Onions, Garlic, Potato, Brinjal, LadyFinger to Mangoes, Bananas and what not.

The flowers surely attracted me. The amazing vibrant colours and the mesmerizing fragrance..I’m wow..!  They surely forced me to use my shutter – Nexus 5 – it’s newly updated camera app with Lens Blur. The feature is definitely worth, the only thing that the capture button doesn’t change with orientation.

Seriously, the smell of wet soil is truly mesmerizing. Nothing has ever been or will be close to this. Nature at its best ! Something which I’ll definitely do this summer and during all the coming summers 😛

If you would like to give me tips or suggestions, please feel free to help me out. As I’m a beginner, you don’t want me to destroy the plants. Do you ? 😛

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